The Abominable Snow Dog is THRILLED.  Its drifted about a foot deep on the porch (where the picture was taken, he’s lying in it, first thing he did out the door was was flop and roll), two or three inches deep on the driveway.  He was rather peeved when I made him come in.  And of course, since this is our first REAL snowfall of the year (WTF?  Seriously all we’ve had till now is trace amounts, normally we’ve had like 3 feet by now, instead its been so warm its coming down as rain) everyone was driving like they’d never seen snow before.  Sigh.

2 thoughts on “Snow!!”

  1. Har! He looks sooooooo happy to be in that snow.

    We are supposed to drift down to colder temperatures on Monday. We've only had a dusting of snow so far this season… which is just fine with me!

    Happy New Year, Ruth!

  2. Happy as a clam, if the light had been better I'd have gotten some video, but the light was so bad that I had to give it up.

    Good luck and same to you!

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