Well I WAS going to link to the Atomic Nerds

cause I wanted to post on something they’d done a great write up on, but either their blog is wonky this morning, they’ve converted to Islam and decided to help spread the good news, or they got hacked?

Edited: and since I’m sure they’ll fix it as soon as they figure it out (unless I’m right about the convert to Islam thing), here’s a screen grab of the current page:


  1. Ping from Janeen:

    Yikes. That's a bit scary.

    I hope the hacking was just a virtual one!

  2. Ping from Ruth:

    Well, its well on its way to fixed from the looks of it. About halfway through the day Saturday the page changed to “Page not found”, and now when I click on the link I get a “basic web page” page, so its getting there, slowly!