Leash rack

So, Apollo has gathered an impressive collection of leashes and collars for a single dog.  1 30′ leash, 1 6′ leash, and 1 4′ leash, plus his prong collar which also needs to be stored between outdoors occasions and his spare collar for just in case.  So I went looking for a leash holder, or rack of some kind.  I knew they made them.  I wasn’t prepared for the prices on them.  $30 and up, usually very fancy, or with cute decorative carvings.  Totally not what I was looking for.

So today I went down to my local Lowes, and spent just under $19 in supplies, and then spent about an hour total between a single coat of stain on the wood (not counting dry time), and putting it all together and hanging it.

Gotta dig out the 6’leash and spare collar from wherever they wandered too, but I think I’m prepared now!

(couple of the hooks ended up not quite straight, and the whole thing ended up just a hair off level on the wall.  We’ll see how much it bugs me before I’ll bother to pull it down and fix it.)

2 thoughts on “Leash rack”

  1. I have a rack by the front door that carries our leashes (not used much admittedly) and a couple of jackets. I have anohter rack by the side door that carries towels for when the dogs come in out of the rain.

    I got unfinished tie racks at a craft store, stained and laquered them, then put them up. Much cheaper that way.

    Your homemade ones look great!

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