Stretching the truth

Over at MArooned Jay points out yet another instance of the truth being stretched by the president.  So of course I have to read the article.  You know what I think pisses me off the most?  Not only did the president stretch the truth (and not just a little bit either), but the guy he’s talking about is OK WITH IT.

Baroz, who supports Obama and his efforts to restore the public sector, told the Herald yesterday he doesn’t mind if the president — or his speechwriters — took some liberties with the facts. It was all in aid of a higher truth, he said.
“People who want to fuss over the word choice are missing the point. It’s about our investing in education and in communities,” Baroz said. “It was technically correct; yes, I did lose my position three times within four years in the Boston Public Schools. To me, the question he posed to the people was a rhetorical question. The emphasis was on ‘like Robert.’ It’s people who are like me, highly qualified, and are not working. That’s the spirit of it.”

No actually thats not the spirit of it.  Of all the unemployed folks currently trying to find jobs, of all the underemployed folks who took a minimum wage (or not much better) paying job, resulting in a signifigant paycut, so that they could at least put food on the table once their benefits ran out, the president couldn’t find a single one to use as an example and instead had to use a false example and stretch the truth out even further to make it fit??


A discovery about my puppy

Last night, Husband and I were watching Mythbusters, when Apollo asked to go out.  Not unusual.  Paused the show (LOVE my DVR), took him out, and when we came back in he bounced up onto the couch, plopped his butt into Husband’s lap, and flopped.  Husband leaned over to cuddle the big puppy in his lap, and I grabbed my phone to take a picture of the cute scene.

None of which is usual.  But then I looked at the photo…..and discovered the horrifiying truth about my puppy….

Click to go below the fold to find out what!

My Puppy’s an evil robot!!!

   I promise the only photoshop involved was to black out Husband’s face.  Cool huh?

Kinda weird…

So I use Gmail as my primary email, I have Yahoo & Hotmail accounts too, but mostly use those as spam catchers.  In theory I have an email through my ISP, but I’ve never used it.  Yesterday, on Gmail, I was sending out an email, and forgot to attach the file I was sending along, but in the email I wrote the phrase “I have attached…”.  So I hit send, and instead of the email getting sent I get a popup asking me if I meant to attach a file cause I put the phrase “I have attached…” in my email, and do I want to continue to send or cancel send and attach file?

So of course I hit cancel and go back and attach the file.  And I’m glad that it did get caught cause this particular email was kinda important but under the circumstances I’d have never noticed (and the receiver would likely never have told me) that I’d neglected to attach the file, and that would have been a bad thing.

But really?  When did the system start reading my email well enough to know that I meant to attach a file and stop me when I didn’t?  I’m not sure I like that…..

I made stuff!

Yesterday I decided to try my hand at making butter.  Why, I’m not entirely sure, other than it seemed one of those oddly gourmet sorta thing to do and yet seemed REALLY easy to do.  There are instructions online in about a million places for home made butter, but they’re all pretty much identical, I picked this set because I liked the pictures.  I will say it was more like 1/2 hour to get butter rather than 10 minutes.  Not sure why.  But otherwise it really was as easy as they said it was.  Pour whipping cream in the mixer, and let it run till it forms butter.  Used the buttermilk this morning to make pancakes, and of course used the butter ON the pancakes.  Turned out pretty good too, though I’m not sure its worth the fuss and bother.

Then today I decided to try my hand at the cheese spread recipe I mentioned before.  Much thanks to North and DaddyBear for the suggestions and help.  My ingredients were about 9oz of cheese total, mostly sharp chedder (cubed), with a handfull of grated asiago, 1/4 pound of butter (softened in the microwave), a big dollop of sour cream, and a dash of Red Hot.  First thing I learned: my blender hates me.  I really need a food processer if I’m going to start doing things like this on a regular basis.  The blender managed, but it wasn’t happy about it.  I’m also not sure the flavor is going to be strong enough, I might want some extra extra sharp chedder next time.  But its currently sitting in the fridge solidifying a bit so we’ll see.  Flavor at first spoon lick wasn’t bad, just not as strong as I was hoping for.  Unless it turns out really nasty (which I don’t expect at this point) I’ll eat it no problem, but I’ll have to break down and get the food processer before I start serious experimenting.  I think a bit less sour cream less time, unless it solidifies up more than expected its a bit creamer than I prefer.  Also the stick of butter seemed a bit much, though it blended in better than I thought at first glance.

Sorry for the less than steller pictures, I almost forgot to take them at all!