Snow Blower update

We ended up with this model (from my local Tractor Supply).  For those of you who don’t want to click, its a Cub Cadet 24in 2stage Electric start model with Zero Turn (woohoo, that’ll make it easier for ME to use it).  Not the biggest snow blower out there, but it should do our driveway just fine.


  1. Ping from James A. Zachary Jr.:

    Looks like a great choice!

  2. Ping from DCE:

    The only thing that counts is whether it will do the job, and this looks like it'll “Git 'er done!”

  3. Ping from Ruth:

    It does, plus I like what I know about the Cub Cadet brand and I'd thought they were out of our price range, so I was delighted to discover I was wrong.

  4. Ping from Bogie:

    Glad you got it – seems you'll probably need it soon. Fortunately, WS does all the snow blowing (I do all the shoveling – and there is plenty of that).