To the idiot in the pets forum…..

…..that I occasionally wander through: just because you found it online does not make it true. Just because the author says they’re a vet, doesn’t make it true. Heck, even if the author really is a vet doesn’t mean their opnion is gold, especially when that opinion is based on old information. You have been repeatedly shown that you’re wrong, that even the CDC says you’re wrong. Reposting the exact same information over and over just shows how stupid you are. Reposting the exact same information in the form of reposting the entirety of the same multipage article, instead of just quoting and linking, over and over, not only shows how stupid you are but also leaves you, and the forum as a whole, open to complaints of copywrite violation. If I were mod I’d have already banned you for that last fact alone. If you really are the adult you say you are then just stop it already!

2 thoughts on “To the idiot in the pets forum…..”

  1. It's called a “Harrop” or “pulling a Harrop”, named after one Barry Harrop, an Australian entrepreneur whose entire business success seemed to depend upon AGW being true. He would often cut and paste his own comments in the WSJ forums as if by repeating them often enough they would somehow become true.

  2. The worst part is how she does it. Its an article on dog chews, so every time someone posts something about dog chews out comes the article again. At first glace it seems very relevant, but in reality there are several factual errors in the piece, and she WILL NOT find something else to convey the point she wants to convey.

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