LInks for the day:

IN college won’t play the national anthem any more, deemed “to violent”  Ok, its a religious college, so I suppose they get to do what they want, but really?  If you don’t like the fact that we went to war so you could worship as you want then you may want to find another country.

Large eagle does what comes naturally, also attacks human who gets in the way…..human upset at attack on his prized geese?

Yet another reason not to go green.

Where’s the “Made In China” sticker?  Seriously, they couldn’t find someone in the US to do this??

The TSA has plans to become even bigger.  (like you didn’t know that already)

Play an EA game on your computer?  Recently have to install their new software called Origin?  Might wanna go back and re-read the EULA again…..I occasionally play Spore, might have to change my mind on that…..