He weighed in at 73lbs yesterday.

Yes, thats the back of my couch….


  1. Ping from DaddyBear:

    So is she a thoroughbred or just a Tennessee Walker?

  2. Ping from DaddyBear:

    I mean he. Sorry!

  3. Ping from Ruth:

    The desk attendant at the vets asked me why I traded my puppy in for a moose (when I took him in to be weighed and get the next months flea &tick stuff). I told her he wasn't a moose, he's a giant Tibetan mountain goat!

    The scary part is thats not much over halh his projected adult weight!

  4. Ping from Bogie:

    He is now as big as my current largest dog (a shepherd mix). He still has 13 pounds before he gets bigger than my biggest dog ever (a Samoyed/Lab mix). Seemingly, that goal is puppy's play for Apollo though!