Apollo growth report

At 16.5 weeks he weighs 42.6lbs. Thats awefull close to twice what he weighed in at when we picked him up at 10 weeks.


  1. Ping from James A. Zachary Jr.:

    Apollo is beginning to look like a lion!

  2. Ping from Ruth:

    He does in that picture doesn't he. He's going to be very “sable” though, his outer coat is coming in black over a large percentage of his body.

  3. Ping from Helene Burnett:

    That's a whole lotta dog. What is he, and how much bigger can he get? Big dogs are wonderful.

  4. Ping from Ruth:

    He's a Tibetan Mastiff, and they can be ALOT bigger!

    Daddy is 135lbs, 29inches tall at the shoulder, so that is our current expectation that we're working off of!