A short one this time, but there’s a couple important ones here.

There is a shortage of the IV contrast used for various medical imaging. Hospitals have already started limiting scans and even heart surgeries because of it. I warned of shortages of medical drugs and equipement last year, and once again various family told me I was over reacting.

Retroactive study finds that in kids 5-11 the Pfizer vax was a whopping 12% effective against omicron. Explain to me again why it was worth the political mess to push these through?? And why are we still trying to force the same vax on people now? Why haven’t they gotten an updated version out, wasn’t that one of the points of the mRNA vax’s? That they could be turned around to adapt faster?

Some sciFi author predicted this years ago. A transfusion of brain fluid from young mice to old mice rejuvenated the old brain.

East coast diesel inventory is dropping and prices are climbing. Word of mouth among big rig drivers is that they’re being warned of pending shortages. You know what shortages of diesel mean? It means goods stop moving. Including all sorts of fresh food items.

India’s supreme court just ruled that no one can be forced to get vax’d.

There’ve been so many arguments over masks and if they work. And frankly all the “studies” both for and against have kinda sucked. This is the first one I’ve seen that actually looks at something realistic. Participants were placed in a sealed room wearing various PPE and with varying levels of air filtration, and then an aerosolized virus was sprayed into the room. Participants were then swabbed, both face and nostrils to see what made a difference. The ONLY mask that made a difference? A leak checked N95. Adding HEPA filtration also made a difference. ANY OTHER MASK, including non-leak tested N95s made absolutely no difference. And no, that N95 you are pulling on and off at work or in between stores is not leak proof.

But that was a conspiracy theory!! Or not……

15 states want the USPS to use only electric vehicles. To the point of sueing them to stop the purchase of gas powered vehicles. Are we TRYING to screw the delivery of mail even further??

Meanwhile Paris has suspended its electric bus fleet due to fires.

The cities are not ok.

Youth mental health services are completely overwhelmed.

Long covid has little to no impact on children.

Turns out that “long-flu” was a thing too, it just didn’t get the publicity.

A look at mask wearing, mask mandates, and covid cases in Europe (spoiler, not only did the masks NOT help, they might have made it worse).

Saliva tests more accurate than nasal swabs for finding Covid19. So why are we still sticking swabs up people’s noses??

There’s about to be a shortage of pizza crust.

Lack of fertilizer means lack of crops. Which means next winter is going to suck. I keep harping on this, but really, eating is kinda important….

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How much electricity would it take….

I saw this breakdown on Twitter and had to see if I could duplicate it for NY state using publicly available information. All of the numbers used in the following were found using a standard search engine for easily accessible public data, I don’t link to most of the sources, feel free to find your own set of numbers and run your own math:

There were 4,232,748 automobiles registered in NY state in 2020. Some percentage of those aren’t driven year round, or daily, but its the simplest number to work with. For the record there’s over 12 million licensed drivers in NY state. For the sake of the math I’m going to round down to 4 million cars.

Looking at a couple different sites, the average number of miles driven by the average person per day varies from 25-39 miles depending on who’s doing the figuring. For the sake of the math I’m going to go with the 25 number.

So that means that in NY state alone 25 x 4,000,000= 100,000,000 miles driven in the average day.

The average amount of energy used by an electric car, per mile, varies quite a bit. Google tells me anything from .24kWh to .87kWh. For the sake of the math I’m going to go with .5kWh.

So 100,000,000 x .5kWh = 50,000,000kWh = 50GWh (50,000MWh) PER DAY for NY state alone to switch all its cars over to electric. Thats a LOT of electricity.

Figuring out how much electricity currently produced in NY state took a bit more digging, but it was still publicly available data. In January 2022 NY produced a total of 11,198 MWh of electricity.

So. In order to power 4 million electric cars ONLY (nothing else, no household electricity, no hospital electricity, NOTHING), we’d need to generate 5 times as much electricity as we currently do. Since powering households isn’t optional, we’d need to produce 6 times as much electricity just to power the average household and business AND 4 million electric cars.**

But wait, NY is determined to switch off natural gas produced heat, which is going to increase the amount of electricity used in the state, by a LOT. I’m too lazy to see if I can figure out those numbers, but that alone is going to cause a huge jump in electricity required.

And they want to switch all small motors used around the house to battery too.


And thats just NY state.

Even if only half of those 4 million cars are actually driven on a daily basis, that’s still a HUGE jump in the amount of electricity required. And it doesn’t take into account the power lines needed to move that much electricity around the state. And the lithium and cobalt and other such minerals needed for the batteries.

**Edited to add: There’s a screw up in the above. I calculated the PER DAY electrical usage of these cars. And compared it directly to the PER MONTH electrical production. Ooops. So ACTUALLY, if we divide 11,198MWh by 31 days, thats 361.23MWh of electricity created PER DAY in NY state. For a DAILY estimated usage of 50,000MWh needed for the whole state to switch to electric cars. Now sure, we can (and do) get electricity from other states but what happens when EVERY state makes this switch?

More links

Interesting take on which vaccine to take. Note, this is a REALLY basic “study”. But interesting anyway.

Indonesia, the world’s largest supplier of edible palm oil, is set to stop exporting it, effective today. The article looks at this from the POV of India, but if you think this won’t affect everyone you’re not paying attention.

I know I pointed out previously that by attempting to lock down the world, to avoid what is essentially a really bad cold virus, we were doing serious harm to our immune systems. The bill is already coming due.

But teh SciEncE is SETTLED!!!!

The constant call to booster is not only not settled science, it might make it impossible to settle the science.

Children aged 2-5yrs are still required to wear masks in NYC.

So, it turns out that on rare occasion the flu can cause (some really really nasty) vulva ulcers in girls and young women. I had no idea, but apparently it’s a known side effect in some people. So I guess it wasn’t a huge surprise when it turned out that C19 did the same. What did come as a surprise, is that apparently at least one of the C19 vaccines appears to cause them as well. More. More. The youngest known patient was 5years old. The description of what these ulcers do to a woman is horrid. Picture a 5yr old with necrotic tissue inside the vulva, to the point where it hurts to walk or use the bathroom.

The smallest and most helpless are at risk of starving due to shortages.

So it turns out that at least one of the people driving the C19 panic is a liar.

Edited to add one more: technically not a link, but, if you have a twitter account, do a search for “#ImmunizeUnder5s” and just boggle your mind with the damage being done to today’s toddlers. Warning: it just gets more horrifying the more you look at it and think about it.

Links, Links, and more links

In no particular order, cause I’m too lazy to sort them today:

ADHD drugs can affect later generations

How to fake your positive on a covid spit test

Using looks to judge a person

Turns out some people are naturally immune to ebola

as much as 10% of Europeans may be immune to HIV

yes, prior to 2020 we did indeed have hospitals getting over-run with flu patients

and again

Did we really need more proof that the media LUVs hype over truth?

A certain drug (aka “horse wormer”) has anti-cancer properties

Mask mandates made no difference on hospital consumption

At breakdown of a study on miscarriages and the C19 vax

Pfizer’s vax trials might have had…..issues….

Face masks and social distancing may have caused a 23% reduction in child development

UK: an estimated 740,000 cancer cases missed due to covid response

Elder abuse rose during pandemic

How to see actual bed usage at your local hospital

Vaccines are not foolproof and can and do cause more problems than they fix on occasion, and sometimes it can take years for it to be noticed (aka, there’s a REASON why we don’t rush vaccines)

a twitter thread on the various pandemic policies prior to C19

a genetic marker for C19 outcomes?

a twitter thread looking at things that were considered conspiracy theories and resulted in people being blocked and shunned by family, friends

covid outcome by blood type

asthma not actually a risk factor for covid

Ethanol might be worse for the climate than gas

Gosh, wasn’t that a conspiracy theory? MA admits that it counted as C19 death if the deceased had a positive test in the prior 60 days, regardless of actual cause of death.

CDC reduces pediatric C19 death count by 24%, blames “coding error”

small children are still at higher risk of drowning than from C19

Pandemic disruptions caused at least 228,000 childhood deaths in S Asia (by comparison, at the time of print, S Asia had a TOTAL C19 death number of 186,000 in all ages)

UK: 5 times as many kids died of suicide than of C19 in 2020

in 202021 more adults (18-45) died of fentanyl overdose than of Covid

alcohol related deaths spiked by 25% in 2020 (I had family tell me I was exaggerating the numbers when I posted something warning of this early in the shutdown)

Infact, alcohol related deaths, in the under 65 age range, was just slightly higher than the C19 deaths in 2020 (can I go rub this in my mother’s face?)

Twitter thread: Columbus OH, speech/language/hearing testing failure at near double previous numbers in children

Pandemic kids have ALOT of catching up to do

Proper ventilation alone can cut covid cases by 80%

Sweden: open schools and covid (spoiler, VERY low incidence)

Sweden’s inconvenient Covid victory

What Sweden got right

Twitter thread by someone living through the ShangHai lockdowns

Twitter thread: the state of commerce in China, I haven’t verified most of this, but remember China is (like it or not) a major supplier and hub for just about everything, if this thread is even half right we’re going to be continuing to see growing shortages for a WHILE.

ShangHai lockdowns continue to fuckup the supply chain

Dear NY, you suck

Not that this is new, but periodically they go out of their way to remind me.

I was browsing the news yesterday and this popped through my feed.

For those of you who don’t want to click through, basically it turns out that there’s a proposed bill that by 2050 the entire state needs to be no longer using natural gas. They want to switch all current natural gas users over to electric heat/cooking. The power company that supplies the gas an electricity for most of the state is, of course, not thrilled with this idea and the article is about their proposal to modify the bill.

The only GOOD thing (for values there-of) about this one is that it’ll affect the cities and suburbs more than it’ll affect the rest of the state, unlike the rest of this sort of stupidity. Once you get out of the suburbs most houses are heated with propane and/or wood or variations there of rather than natural gas.

But seriously, there’s a point where taking this whole going green thing to far. Electric heat, in this sort of climate, is expensive as hell. It’s fine as a supplement, but as the main heating source? People are going to freeze to death because they’re going to be unable to afford their heating bills.

And where do they think that electricity is going to come from? Oh right, all those solar farms they keep putting in while they shut down the nuclear plants.

And of course, this is on top of the requirement that by 2035 all new consumer cars in the state will have to be electric/battery. And the proposal that all lawn care equipment be switched to electric/battery by 2027.

Look guys, this isn’t California. Can we keep it that way?