Carhartt Vaccine Mandate–New Coat bleg

Carhartt has decided that its vaccine mandate will stand, even though the OSHA mandate was put down by the Supreme Court. Link, Link, Link, Link.

Carhartt as a company certainly has the right to mandate what it wants it’s employees to do. I stand by their right to mandate the C19 vaccine if they so desire.

But I have really strong feelings about a mandate that forces people to get a medical procedure that hasn’t even completed its full testing regimen and in a different political climate wouldn’t even be FDA approved yet. So while I normally try to ignore a companies politics when shopping, this means that I won’t be buying any more Carhartt while that mandate is in place.

Which pisses me off, I love my Carhartt gear. It holds up to the abuse, and on the occasion there’s a problem with it they’ve helped. They’ve sent me, FOR FREE, replacement zipper pulls when a coat’s zipper pull broke. I love their stuff. I literally just bought new gloves from their local store a couple weeks ago, and have been haunting their website waiting for the coat I want in the size I want to come back into stock so I can replace my current one, which at 10+ years of abuse is finally showing its wear enough to need replacement.

So now I need a new winter work coat. I usually buy Carhartt’s Duck Canvas with the heavy quilted lining in mens XL. The combination of mens style and XL size means that while it fits me well enough to wear on its own, its also big enough to wear additional layers underneath if I need to, or to wear over my insulated overalls comfortably. I prefer the style that does NOT have elastic at the bottom, Carhartt calls that “Full Swing”.

I don’t suppose anyone knows of a comparable quality coat out there?

Memes 01/01/22

This bunch actually includes memes originally posted on FB the week before Christmas, however due to the abundance of Christmas memes that week there were very very few non-Christmas memes to post, so I combined them into this bunch. That, combined with the abundance of New Years and Betty White memes, means this is a larger bunch than usual. Next year I might need to do an actual New Years meme dump.

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Should I laugh or cry?

Over the last 20 months people have been arguing about what is being done right or wrong in the pandemic response.

Over and over people have been labeled “conspiracy theorists” and “spreading misinformation” for stating something that went against the mainstream beliefs on the subject, been banned from social media, had family deride them, and in some cases had family disown them and friends disappear.

Only to have that same statement, months or a year later, be proved to have merit, or even be true, by the media and politicians.

And here we go again.

As recently as 6 months ago people were banned from social media for stating that cloth masks were not useful in stopping the C19 virus.

And yet, just this week, on CNN! Dr Leana Wen, one of CNN’s top talking heads about medical issues and the pandemic, stated that “cloth masks are little more than facial decoration“!

I’m waiting for Dr Wen to get canceled.

Oh wait, she’s one of the GOOD guys, so its ok when she says it.

Seriously though, if you’re counting on a mask to help protect you from the virus you need to be wearing a N95 mask. And you need to wear it properly, making sure there’s no gaps. If its fogging up your glasses when you breath its not fitted correctly.

Compression socks

A couple months ago the Physical Therapist I was seeing for foot/ankle problems informed me I needed to started wearing knee high compression socks at work, apparently part of the problems I was having was fluid buildup. She said that if budgetary constraints were an issue you can get cheap bulk packs on Amazon.

So I started with a cheap bulk pack. 6 pairs for $15. And, well, they helped with the fluid buildup, but were otherwise horrid to wear.

Poking around further, found a pack of 3 pairs for $20, and a another set where each pair was $15. Ordered a set of each. The pack of 3 was slightly more comfortable. The single pair more so.

I ordered a couple more pairs of the singles to tide me over, and went on a research binge on compression socks. There are compression socks out there that are $50/pair! Or MORE! Pass! But all reviews agreed, the more you were willing to spend on them the more likely they were to be comfortable.

Discovered that Bombas has compression socks. They’re not cheap, $25-$30 a pair, and they’re funky patterned.

Here’s the other thing, I normally wear plain white socks. I’m very OCD about making sure my socks match, not just in color, but in style, because if they don’t match they feel weird like I’m wearing miss-matched shoes, and it drives me nuts during the day. All my socks are white, except for a set that have colored toes, but at least the colored toes means I don’t get them mixed with my other white socks.

But if I’m going to be wearing compression socks they were going to be VERY visible when I’m wearing shorts at work. And I don’t really want to wear white knee highs with shorts at work where I inevitably get really dirty. And black would just make me hotter.

So I said hell with it and ordered a set of funky patterned Bombas socks.

Guys, they’re SO MUCH MORE COMFORTABLE than the cheaper socks. I actually feel like I’m wearing socks, not nylons (sometimes called knee high pantyhose if you prefer that term), which is what the cheap ones feel like, and which I hate.

Lesson learned. I ordered a bunch more on Black Friday weekend. The cheap ones will be donated to somewhere.

Weird bonus, matching the funky socks back up after laundry doesn’t bother me, maybe because they’re so easy to tell apart? Donno, but I’ll take it!

Memes 12/12/21

Ok, first off a quick explanation for those of you who aren’t on other social media.

Back on (or the day after, I’m too lazy to go check) a lady by the name of Sharon posted a picture of an absolutely SCORCHED pumpkin pie on the Marie Callender FB page with the line “thanks for ruining Thanksgiving Marie Callendar” (miss-spelling and all). The MC rep handling the page did the standard customer service thing of “oh so sorry, contact us so we can make it right”. But then the internet found it.

And let’s get real, the chances that MC was in any way at fault that Sharon scorched her pie is basically non-existent. And a closer look at Sharon’s FB page made it clear that this lady has figured out that if she bitches hard enough companies will send her things.

Her complaining about her scorched pie, her post (with miss-spelling!) whining about it to MC, and the resultant internet response went viral. No, it didn’t JUST go viral. It went epic. Not only did she get roasted in the responses to her post, but people screenshot the whole thing and shared the screenshots. And then people started creating memes based on it. And then someone made up a FB group specifically for the memes. And then someone in the group had to buy a MC pumpkin pie and see how long you had to cook it for to scorch it like that. The answer? If you cook it at the recommended temp on the box it’ll take 4 hours to scorch as badly as the one Sharon posted.

So, references to “thanks Marie Callendar/Callender”, to “Sharon’s….” and the like are based off of that.

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