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  • Time to call animal control again….

    I’ve ranted about my across the street neighbors a couple times….1, 2, ok, 3 times.  Which doesn’t do that particular problem justice, but I figure you all don’t want to listen to me rant about them constantly…..

    Yesterday afternoon, I looked up from my book to see a good sized tan and black hound-ish dog trotting across their yard towards their northern side neighbor who has huskies (including an intact bitch) and my first thought was that another neighborhood dog had gotten loose and was headed to sniff out their bitch (its happened a couple times, they catch the dogs and turn them into animal control).

    Then I saw one of the kids from across the street hurrying along behind the dog…..please don’t tell me……yup, kid grabs collar and drags the dog back to their house.  Sigh.  They have a new dog.  Wonder how long this one will last…..

    Then, about 9pm yesterday, Apollo abruptly goes ballistic at the front windows.  Hound was loose again, trotting across our yard, with two of the kids in hot pursuit again.  They finally caught him and dragged him home.

    This morning, about 9:15, I glance out the window about an instant before Apollo does and spot a tan and black dog trotting across my front yard with two kids trailing…..

    After watching them chase him in circles for about 10 minutes (the dog was having an absolute blast), I grabbed a dog bowl, and dumped some kibble in it, stepped out the front door, and called “hey big guy, want some food?” as I shook the metal dog bowl with kibble…..dog pricked up his ears and came trotting over to grab a mouthful.  I scratched his ears for a minute, told him he was a good boy, and walked him back to the kids who looked rather dumbfounded.

    One of the kids kept saying “he listens so well inside the house!”……..

  • Blunt does not equal rude

    You asked my opinion, I’ve never been one to sugar coat stuff, and the subject is one I feel strongly about.

    You got a blunt answer.  Blunt and to the point.

    I was not rude.

    But if you’re going to insist that “everyone’s been so rude” I’m going to give you an example of what exactly rude would have been so you can see the difference.

    If you can’t handle blunt and to the point, much less this thing called sarcasm, you’re not going to be happy hanging around me.  I don’t do special snowflakes, I don’t sugar coat it, and telling me you’re in tears cause everyone’s been so rude is just going to make me roll my eyes and wonder how you reached adult-hood alive…..

  • How do I know it must be spring?

    The idiots across the street apparently decided yesterday that the weather was nice enough that the dogs could be let out for potty time without supervision again.  I have a five minute video of the two dogs wandering my front yard.  I was hopeful that they’d get in the habit of keeping a closer eye on the dogs over the winter (cause they were, all winter), but apparently that was to much to ask.

    At this rate I might as well add the local ACO to my Christmas card list!

  • Your computer laugh for the day

    So I’ve had a new computer for a few months. We finally decided to pull apart my old computer and pull out the hard drive (to see what we could get off it) and swap the wireless card from the old computer to the new (I mostly use wired, but wireless has come in handy on occasion).

    So we get everything installed.

    And my husband plugs back in all the various cables into the computer for me.

    Including the HDMI cable that’s connected to the TV that we’d used as a 2nd monitor (to play games on) on my old computer. I’d not actually gotten around to setting up the duel monitor set up on the new computer yet, wasn’t a high priority. Remember this bit of information. Its important.

    So we turn on the computer, and it boots, and it shows the desktop background image…..and doesn’t load the desktop. wtf?

    Power down, power up into safe mode. Safe mode loads fine.

    Ok, power off, unplug the wireless card, try again. It loads the desktop image and not the desktop.

    Power off, unplug the old hard drive, try again. It loads the desktop image and not the desktop.

    Power off. Think for a minute, plug back in the old hard drive, force computer to boot off it. It loads fine, no drivers for anything, but it loads fine.

    Power off, reset it to load from the new hard drive, it loads the desktop image and not the desktop.

    Reboot into safe mode, restore from a 3 day old restore point. Rebooting loads the desktop image and not the desktop.

    Run Startup Repair….you get the idea. By this time we’re both swearing.

    Unplug all the cables, start unplugging and replugging the video card, the hard drives……

    And a light bulb goes off. I tell my husband, when you plug everything back in don’t plug in the HDMI cable to the TV. And he looks at me….

    Sure enough, plug back in everything, except that HDMI cable. Desktop loads fine.

    Its defaulting that “extra monitor” as the default monitor, instead of my regular one. Turning the TV input to the 2ndary HDMI cable shows my desktop when its plugged into my computer.


    (yes, I know how to fix that, its ok)

    (the old hard drive has passed every scan I’ve thrown at it, so still no idea why the old computer died, but hey, I have a spare hard-drive now!)

  • NYs new animal rights law

    Text of the bill is HERE.

    ALL it does is allow local municipalities to enact stricter punishments than the state law.  Seriously.  After reading it I didn’t  understand why all the Animal Rights people were jumping for joy over it.

    Then I read THIS article.

    Money quote:

    “I think any police officer should be able to pull over and say let me see your license and paperwork. And if that dog is not spayed or neutered, it would be wonderful if they can fine that individual,” says McNeely.

    Christine McNeely is the executive director of the local Humane Association of Central NY.

    There are SO MANY things wrong with that statement its not even funny.

    First off, can you say HUMAN rights violation, for the cops to be able to stop you and ask for “your paperwork” just because you happen to be with a dog??

    Then lets look at the stupidity of mandatory spay/neuter laws, which do NOT work.  If you have a decent low cost spay/neuter program then the only folks who haven’t spayed or neutered their dog or cat either aren’t going to anyway, or don’t know about the program.  All the law does is fine them, force them to give up the animal when they can’t afford the fine, at which point they go to the BYB down the road and get another puppy.  Meanwhile the dog they gave up is sitting at the local pound and probably getting put down for “space”.

    And then there’s recent research on the fairly serious negatives of spaying/neutering dogs at an early age, with some research pointing out negatives for spay/neuter at ANY age.  Seriously, we’ve known for a long time that the removal of hormones does bad things to HUMANS, why we ever thought it wasn’t going to do bad things to other animals I do NOT understand.

    And, basic fact of life here, if you legislate out all the responsible hobby breeders by making it so incredibly expensive to breed, the only ones left breeding will be the puppy mills who can afford to pay for whatever permits are needed, and the BYBers who don’t care or don’t know about the law and slide under it for various reasons!  Yup, laws like this just make it MORE possible to find a puppy from a puppy mill.  Not less.

    If they REALLY want to put the puppy mills out of business then they need to forbid the selling of cats/dogs in petstores or other retail settings, and they need to forbid the selling of them online.  The GOOD breeders don’t sell online, they list their litters planned, and show pictures of the pups, but no transactions are done via the website.  

    But of course that won’t happen, cause the folks behind the puppy mills have money, and money talks when it comes to politics!

  • ….insurance…..

    Just put lots of impolite words where those dots are please!

    So I’ve talked before about the fact that I have arthritis in both hands and wrists.  I was diagnosed before I turned 30.  At that point my right hand was so bad I couldn’t turn a door-knob with my right hand, my left was better, but I could already see the progression.

    When I originally went in to see my doctor for it the xrays of my right wrist made her think that I might have damaged the ligaments there (at that point my left hand wasn’t hurting yet).  She referred me to an orthopedic surgeon.  Who couldn’t fit me in for another 4 months and who’s office was quite rude about it.  I puttered along for another month, during which time my right hand got ALOT worse and my left started hurting, at which point I went back into my doctor and asked for a different referral.  She was horrified at the wait time to see the orthopedic, and I was referred to a plastic surgeon’s office.

    Yes, a plastic surgeon, or more correctly termed a “reconstructive surgeon”.  What wasn’t obvious till I got there the first time is that although they do all the normal “plastic surgeon” type surgeries, they specialize in hand and nerve reconstruction.  Cool!

    He quickly determined that the problem wasn’t the ligaments (ThankYouGod), that it was arthritis (to which I responded I was too young to have and he laughed at me), but that it wasn’t anywhere near needing surgery and they’d just put me on a maintenance regimen and keep an eye on it.  Depending on a variety of factors that weren’t predictable it was possible that in the worse case prediction that it would continue to get worse and I’d need surgery in 10yrs or so, but it was also possible that it would just maintain or even fade away till I was in my 50′s or so at which point I might need additional help with it.

    I could live with that.  Especially since with the right regimen the pain almost completely disappeared except for some weather related flairups, with the only lingering issue being a weakness of the fingers and thumb when it comes to thinks like opening cans /jars etc.  I now have a lovely collection of “jar opener” type things.

    Its been a couple years since I was last in to see him.  Nothing major has happened, but some of the weather related pain has gotten worse, and I think that my finger strength has decreased again as well, so I decided it was time to see him again, just to be safe.  Unfortunately I’ve changed insurances since then.  And that meant getting a new referral.

    My doctor had no problem with it.  Her office gave me hell (no, I am not going to explain to the referral clerk why I need a referral to a plastic surgeon for arthritis, ask the doctor), but I finally got the new referral sent in.

    My new insurance company just informed us all that there was no way they were going to approve a referral to a plastic surgeon for arthritis…..

    *beats head into wall*

    So, I’m debating between agreeing to see a new doctor.  Which I don’t want to do, I really like this guy, among other things his “no need to open you up to take a look” attitude was a relief.  Or just going to see him and paying the office fees myself.  Which I can afford, the downside being that if something DOES require additional scans (xrays, MRIs, what have you), much less surgery, likely the insurance won’t cover that either…..

  • I survived another Black Friday….

    ….and even managed, again, to do so without murdering a customer member (the new corporate approved terminology)!

    The joys of working retail again. 

    And just to clarify.  Its not the CROWDS on BF that are the real problem (though they do add to the stress), its the attitudes. 

    Just because its BF and you have 10 more stores to hit doesn’t mean you get to treat me like I’m your slave.  Nor does it entitle you to be a rude jackass to me and the other customers around you.  Just because you hit 5 other sales before coming here and we’re out of the one item you wanted doesn’t mean you’re entitled to scream rant and yell when I point out that the ad specifically states that there will be no rain checks.  And no, you’re not clever when you demand to know “is there even a manager in the STORE!!!” because it took them 10 minutes to get back across the store to tell you that I’m right and there will be no rain checks for BF ad items.  And asking me that question WILL get you a rude and sarcastic answer (and no, my manager will not reprimand me for that either).

    I’ve worked answering phones for AAA on Thanksgiving and Black Friday.  I knew going into the job that AAA was considered an emergency service and I would likely end up working holidays for them.  But you know what?  90% of the people who called in for help on a holiday or BF, or a holiday eve, were all pitifully grateful that we were THERE on those days.  We got effusive thanks and gratitude for sending someone out to jump start their car, or unlock it, or pull them out of a ditch.

    Not so in the stores.  And now far to many stores have decided to try to pre-empt online sales by opening on Thanksgiving itself.  What used to be one of the very few holidays that retail employees could be sure that they could spend time with their families just got taken over by their jobs again.  So now not only do we not get to spend time with our families on what is traditionally a family day, but now we get the equivalent of TWO Black Friday days to deal with jack-asses who think that because they’re spending money they can treat me like dirt.

    What I found quite interesting yesterday (and Thursday night), locally at least, there weren’t half the crowds that had been expected.  Local news covered the Thanksgiving opening of a local Target store.  Instead of the expected several hundred shoppers waiting for the doors to unlock…..there were maybe 50 people.  And the folks who worked the 8pm Thanksgiving opening of the store I work at (not a Target), reported that although business was steady for the first few hours, it was by no means a normal “Black Friday” opening.  I also know that although Friday was certainly a busy day for us, it wasn’t a normal BF crush either.

    I’m wondering if people are starting to react to the idiocy of corporate America……or maybe just the bad weather Thursday night/Friday morning kept them home.

    One last gripe: I know the ad stated “all boys fleece” but if you’re going to picture a very distinctive fleece hoodie in the ad then you damn well need to make sure that its available for sale……

    (and no, I don’t think a higher minimum wage is the answer to ” retail employee problems”, I do however think that any employee who works Black Friday (and Thanksgiving) damn well ought to be paid overtime wages for doing so)

  • The .GOV is at it again

    Several months ago (maybe even a year ago) I was made aware that the EPA was looking at extra restrictions on wood-burning stoves/fireplaces/furnaces/etc. 

    I was, of course, less than thrilled at the idea.  But I wasn’t worried about it for ourselves PERSONALLY.  The stove we have is the Lopi Patriot and according to the manual its rated at 4.4Grams/hour (scroll down to the bottom of page 6):

    4.4 Grams Per Hour (EPA Phase II Approved) – Tests conducted by E.E.S.P.C.

    Well below the 7.5G/h for non-catalytic wood burning stoves that the EPA was going to require.  Heck, its even within the stricter requirements for the state of Washington.

    Well, the EPA has finally released its new regulations along with a list of approved wood stoves.

    Guess what stove isn’t on the approved list.

    And its not because its no longer in production.  If you check the above linked list they list several stoves that are no longer in production.

    Sure its not going to affect us NOW.  But  I suspect that if we ever have to move it, change it, or anything else that technically requires a permit from the town or county to do work involving it we could run into some issues…..

  • *@&$?**

    My computer was running fine yesterday, no glitches, or new updates, or anything.

    I left it on overnight, so that it could run its usual set of scans and the like.

    When I got up this morning it was off.  I didn’t think much of it.  Figured Husband had shut it off for some reason, he’s done it a few times.

    Except it won’t turn on.

    The light on the front turns yellow instead of blue and nothing happens.

    I spent a few minutes unplugging and replugging with no success….


    We JUST replaced the power supply.  I suppose that could be the problem again, but if it is I’m going to be PISSED.

    And of course this had to happen at THE right time of the year when we’re strapped for cash due to several major bills all coming due at once…..


  • I don’t feel complimented

    You know…..it doesn’t reflect well on your company when you, as an Assistant Store Manager and department head, tell a brand new barely hired employee that you hired her specifically because you could tell she’s competent enough to be dropped onto the sales floor with less than one days worth of training and no help.  Especially since I over-heard the HR head tell said ASM, after the FIRST day it happened, that doing that was against company policy.  Yes, it happened again.

    And I really do mean “dropped on the sales floor with no help” and one days worth of training.  I “shadowed” on register for less than 4hours and completed less than 6hours of “online training” before being put in a register enclosure with no other trained cashier within hand-waving distance.  Sure, the “supervisor on duty” was “only a phone call away”…..which means that if I need their physical presence at the register its going to take them 5 minutes to get to me…..

    I suppose its a compliment, but its one I don’t want or need thank you very much.  She got damn lucky frankly.  Its been 5, almost 6, years since I last ran a register in that kind of environment.  If I wasn’t as computer literate as I am, and as good as I am at learning new systems with no training, she’d have been royally screwed.  I have more than enough experience to recognize the HUGE list of things that could have (and still could) go wrong.

    It doesn’t help that the assistant supervisors are not only OK with this whole mess (cause it gets them out of having to run a register due to someone’s stupidity in planning for college kids back to school), but they have no problem berating me when I do or say something that isn’t correct because this company does that differently than the ones I worked for before…..

    As of when I left work yesterday I’ve had less than 4hours of “shadowing” time, and barely 8hours of “online training”.  If the same mess happens again today, not only will this job not last over 2-3years like I’d hoped, but it won’t even last 2 weeks!