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The .GOV is at it again

Posted November 14, 2013 By Ruth

Several months ago (maybe even a year ago) I was made aware that the EPA was looking at extra restrictions on wood-burning stoves/fireplaces/furnaces/etc. 

I was, of course, less than thrilled at the idea.  But I wasn’t worried about it for ourselves PERSONALLY.  The stove we have is the Lopi Patriot and according to the manual its rated at 4.4Grams/hour (scroll down to the bottom of page 6):

4.4 Grams Per Hour (EPA Phase II Approved) – Tests conducted by E.E.S.P.C.

Well below the 7.5G/h for non-catalytic wood burning stoves that the EPA was going to require.  Heck, its even within the stricter requirements for the state of Washington.

Well, the EPA has finally released its new regulations along with a list of approved wood stoves.

Guess what stove isn’t on the approved list.

And its not because its no longer in production.  If you check the above linked list they list several stoves that are no longer in production.

Sure its not going to affect us NOW.  But  I suspect that if we ever have to move it, change it, or anything else that technically requires a permit from the town or county to do work involving it we could run into some issues…..


Posted November 4, 2013 By Ruth

I’ve not posted on it, and I expect that this will be about it unless something happens.  Among other things, since I’m in NY, I can’t just hop on the .gov site and get a list of quotes.  I have to create an account on the NY site and give them all sorts of personal info.  And since at this point in time I don’t need their assistance I’m quite reluctant to do that just to see whats going on.

However my Aunt, who lives in FL, has been working her way through it as she’s been hoping to retire a bit early and health insurance has been the big stumbling block.

She had all sorts of problems getting quotes.  Website based problems.

This past week she finally managed to get all the ducks to line up……

My Aunt is 62.  She’s never given birth to a child, never adopted a child, never had custody of a child.  To the best of my knowledge (and certinally since they got married) the same is true for her husband (substitute fathered for given birth).

ObamaCare is requiring her to buy pediatric dental coverage.


Whats almost worse, in my opinion, its apparently so common a problem that her preferred health insurance company has a no-cost pediatric dental coverage policy specifically for people like my Aunt.

I’ve already managed to forget who’s blog I saw this on, I guess I need more coffee….

NYSRPA is holding a raffle to raise funds to help in the fight against the SAFE act.  The prize includes:


    • A private shooting excursion hosted by Manhattan Shooting Excursions for two shooters on a range near Scranton, Pennsylvania.

    • One night at a local hotel, double occupancy.

    • Professional supervised instruction on the use of all firearms.

    • Use of Full Auto Hardware including: UZI, M-16, AK-74, Glock 34FA, Razorback.

    • Use of Suppressed Weapons including: Sig Sauer MK25 with AAC Ti-Rant Silencer, HK USP Tactical with AAC Ti-Rant Silencer, Remington M7 .300 BLK. with AAC MK34 Silencer, Sig Sauer Mosquito with Tactical Solutions Cascade-Ti Silencer.



Tickets are $25 each, I bought two.  The raffle ends Dec 31, 2013, and you must be 18 or over and able to legally posses firearms in order to get the prize.

So how come no-one’s sueing the MDSPD?

Posted July 16, 2013 By Ruth

From Here

Either of those incidents could have put Trayvon Martin into the custody of the juvenile justice system. However, because of Chief Hurley’s attempt to reduce the school crime statistics — according to sworn testimony, officers were “basically told to lie and falsify” reports — Martin was never arrested. And if he had been arrested, he might never have been in Sanford the night of his fatal encounter with Zimmerman.

Something tells me no-one’s gonna either

H/T to Never Yet Melted

I did not know this

Posted July 16, 2013 By Ruth

But I find it quite amusing…..


The fact is Florida’s stand-your-ground law is quite common, 33 states are effectively SYG states and have very similar provisions.  In fact there is one state that not only lets you to stand your ground,it explicitly allows you to pursue your assailant if necessary for your safety.  And that state is California [where the station is located].

(emphasis mine)

I haven’t had a chance to listen to the whole thing, hopefully I’ll have time later today.

H/T to Clark @ Popehat


I followed the case enough to see enough of the evidence to realize just how badly the media tried to screw with the evidence.  Which basically just confirmed my distrust of the media in general.  And then people wonder why I insist on actual facts and data when I get into arguments….

Anyway, my sole real comment on the whole mess:

I sincerely hope that they never release the personal information detailing who the jury was…..

NY Insurance law change — Attn Dog Owners

Posted June 24, 2013 By Ruth

NY A3952 is designed to amend current state law on insurance.  The intention is to prohibit insurers from denying insurance, or charging higher rates, to dog owners based on the breed of the dog.  The act was written to allow insurers to deny or charger higher rates to the owners of dangerous dogs, but does not allow that designation for no other reason than the dog’s breed.

An additional write up from Stop BSL.

If you live in NY and own a dog please consider letting the State Senate know what you think of the law!

Found over at Marooned.

Article 1

Article 2

Article 3

Article 4

So this guy is helping renovate his FIL’s house, which is directly next door to his.  Late at night he hears noises consistent with vandals.  Has his wife call 911 and goes over to confront them.  Finds 4 children, who he recognized, ages 8-10 with hammers and spray paint (estimates are $50k in damages), grabs the hammers and orders the kids into a closet till the police get there.  Honestly at this point I don’t really care if he DID threaten the kids with a hammer (though he says he didn’t) or if he grabbed one or more and forced them into the closet.  8yrs old or not.  These kids just did a HUGE amount of aggressive damage to the house, if all 4 had turned on him with the hammers they had in their hands he’d have been hard-pressed to defend himself empty handed

And then the parents have a complete COW because he “threatened” their children, and forced them into the closet instead of just walking them home…….

The GOOD news in the story is that apparently all charges against Mr Daniels are expected to be dropped AND that the DA is expecting to charge the PARENTS with endangerment and possibly other charges…..

31 acres for $90k

Posted April 29, 2013 By Ruth

NY state is selling off Camp Georgetown, a minimum security prison.

Actually that part isn’t news.   They’ve been trying to sell it for a while now, but when the minimum bid was first $390,000 and then $250,000, nobody was interested.  So now, for the price of my 2acre lot you can buy 31 acres complete with buildings of all sorts.

The only catch is that its in NY state………

I, politely, refuse…

Posted April 17, 2013 By Ruth

….to discuss, in any signifigant way, the events in Boston as they happened on Monday.

For one, bloggers with better writing skills than I have already said everything necessary.

For another, I grew up a bare 20 minutes from Boston.  Up until 7 years ago my mother worked in a building visible in every video of the first explosion and she still rides the T to and from work daily.  I have friends who regularly go “into the city” to watch the marathon on Patriots Day.  And some of THEIR friends (and in one case family) were even running on Monday.  So far as I’ve been able to determine everyone I know, and all of their friends and family, are all ok, or mostly anyway.

And thats all I have to say on the matter.




Ok, now I’m done.