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Posted February 5, 2016 By Ruth

The old trail camera finally gave up the ghost just over two weeks ago.  We knew it was coming but were hoping it would hold on for a bit longer.  Doing a bit of shopping and looking around and we found the Moultrie M-880 Gen 2 on Amazon for $89.  We bought two.


Is it my imagination or is that deer on the small side for a critter that ought to be pushing its 1st birthday??

No sign of whatever produced those tracks I found on Christmas.  But I saw on Facebook that someone got a sighting of a Canadian Lynx down in Olean, end of January, which is only a couple-three hours from me……

I’m finally feeling human again, instead of a miserable wad of exhausted snot.  Sinus infections suck.  Coming on top of the viral stomach bug really really sucked.  I was starting to worry about how exhausted I was feeling, but I think I’m finally catching back up.

Course, being sick for most of two weeks means I’ve gotten almost nothing done on the projects I was hoping to get done…..I have the new vinyl tile to go down in the kitchen, got the laundry done before I got sick, but I haven’t touched the kitchen yet.

I need to finish figuring out what, if any, seeds I want to order, and start figuring out the starting order and how I’m going to do all that this year.

And I need to prep a new location for my little greenhouse, cause the wind this winter shredded my old one, so the former location won’t work.  Oh, and yup, set up a new one, since the old one was shredded.  I’d hoped to have a more permanent structure for my greenhouse this year, but life conspired against me last summer.  We just had a major thaw though, so if I can get the energy this weekend I ought to be able to at least get a spot figured out and cleared of debris.

Ran across this video on Facebook yesterday, take a minute to watch, its fricking awesome!

In other news, I found the political platform I want to vote for:



(Links out to Amazon in this post are via my Amazon Associates account, if you buy something after clicking through these links I might earn a few pennies.  All linked to merchandise was bought with my own money.)

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I guess its my month to be sick

Posted February 2, 2016 By Ruth

So I wrote the last post on Thursday last week.  By Thursday evening I wasn’t nauseous any more, woohoo!

And by mid-day Friday everything stopped running straight through.  Even better!

Unfortunately by mid-day Friday it was also obvious that something else was taking hold.

Those random sniffles I’d had for the last few weeks suddenly collected all at once into the sinus infection from hell.

Course, I didn’t realize how bad it was till mid-day Saturday, when it was to late to call the doctor’s office.  I suffered till Monday (yesterday) and called in, after some discussion of my symptoms over the phone they called in an antibiotic for me without me having to go back into the office.  Which is much appreciated.

Oh, and I love my local pharmacy.  They’re a big chain, but in a small town, and the latter shows.  About half an hour after the call from my doctor’s office I called down to see if the prescription was there yet.  It wasn’t.  I shrugged, looked at the clock and decided I’d give it a couple hours and try again.  About 45 minutes later I got a call from the pharmacy tech I’d talked to, my prescription had just been received, she’d remembered my  name when it came through, and was calling to let me know it had arrived.  EVER so much appreciated!  She got a very firm thank you!

I hate being sick!  I had all these things I wanted to do with this off time!

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Posted January 28, 2016 By Ruth

I was doing so well this  year……but I’m pretty sure I managed to pick up the virus thats been going around work.

Nausea–check (though I haven’t actually vomited ThankYouGod)



the feeling of having a fever without actually having a fever (alternately hot and cold with full body aches)–check

The doctor confirmed its not the flu, and yup, its viral, if it doesn’t go away in a few days to a week call us back.  Its the fever symptoms that are really getting to me though.  The house is currently 60degrees, and I’m SWEATING.  Which means that in a little bit I’ll have the chills…..and the full body ache absolutely sucks.  At least if I actually had a fever I’d understand WHY I feel this way!

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Posted January 14, 2016 By Ruth

Mother Nature finally decided she’d better get her ass in gear and give us a proper winter.  Between late Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon we got a solid foot of snow.

The dogs are thrilled.


I was perfectly happy not having had to do any shoveling yet this winter…..

(Tomorrow, Friday, is predicted to have a high of 40……)

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Posted January 14, 2016 By Ruth

Between this last drawing, and the one before it, I won a whole $12!  Woohoo!

Before someone points out the odds, I didn’t really expect to win the big one, I would have happily settled for a 3rd place prize of $50k.  Also the money spent on tickets came from the “fun and pizza” part of the budget, so we’re not shorting ourselves.  I didn’t even bother to watch it on TV last night, just checked the numbers this morning when I got up.

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Recording Kerosene Sales?

Posted January 8, 2016 By Ruth

Recently the Hess gas stations in my area were bought out by a company called Speedway.  I’d never heard of Speedway before, but they kept their prices comparable to the Hess before them (Hess having been one of the cheapest stations in my immediate area), and other than the signage changes there didn’t seem to be any other significant changes.

We bought alot of our kerosene at Hess, and then Speedway.  Although our primary heating source is wood we do have a kerosene burning furnace in the house, and it kicks on during overnights and when Husband and I aren’t home for extended periods (such as during the work week).  We can get kerosene delivered from the fuel company, but they charge quite a bit more per gallon, a “rural delivery fee”, than if we bought it by the gallon at the pump.  So instead Husband and I will occasionally toss the kerosene cans into the back of one of the cars and on our way home from work stop off at Hess/Speedway to fill them to add to the tank.

We’d been a bit lax about keeping up the practice this fall, the warm weather had us being lazy since the furnace was barely running.  But the cold snap kicked us into gear.

And then we discovered that Speedway is now recording all kerosene sales.  They have a “signature sheet”, which records name/address/gallons purchased/signature, where your signature says you agree that the kerosene purchased will be used for residential heating and not for vehicles (which is supposed to be taxed).

Now we’re using it for residential heating, no problem there.  And they’re not checking ID or anything, infact they’re handing the sheet to you to fill out and then stuff it back under the counter without even looking at it.  But I find myself not liking it.  I’m not a HUGE privacy conspiracist, but at the same time I feel like I’m already getting tracked for everything everywhere and now they’re tracking my heating fuel purchases too??

I hit the internet, and a quick search didn’t turn up anything about legal requirements for this record keeping.  Does anyone know of any such that I couldn’t find?

If it’s not a legal requirement I find myself in a bit of a bind.  First off, if we were buying it from the fuel delivery folks they’d certainly be recording it.  Second, Speedway is the only station that we pass by on any kind of a regular basis that sells kerosene.  There are others in the area who sell it, but none of them are convenient.  And the last time I did go to buy kerosene from one of the others I found their price to be almost as high as the fuel companies prices.  I suppose I could just fill in bogus info on the sheet, since the clerk isn’t checking it when I fill it out.  But that seems like a bigger risk, since if someone DOES go back to actually check the info for some reason the bogus info would likely stand out.

Choices choices……

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Christmas and tracks and more weather

Posted December 28, 2015 By Ruth

This isn’t the first year we’ve not had a white Christmas.  But usually it’s because we had a thaw a few days before, not because it hasn’t snowed at all.

This year it was mud and more mud and green grass.  Seriously green grass.  Which is a little disconcerting to look at when it’s Christmas and you’re headed to dinner with the family.  Christmas Eve it hit 68 degrees out.

Over all though it was a good Christmas.  Dinner was great.  And not even ruined by the fact that my (Husband’s) niece is 12 going on 17 and managed to push her dad into an epic argument in the middle of it all.  Knowing the two of them I doubt it was the first time its happened, and it sure won’t be the last.

Before we headed to my Inlaw’s for dinner we took the time to do a proper round of the property lines.  We’ve been lazy about it recently.  In the process discovered some interesting wildlife tracks.

(Ok, this first one was actually taken a few days earlier and I forgot to post) This must have been a BIG White-tail checking out the fruit trees.  Rumor has it that a big 16 pointer has been seen in the area (always in non-hunt-able areas), makes me wonder if this is him:


If you look close there’s a (comparatively) tiny print in the top left corner.

Then right along the back line I found these:


KIMG0519 KIMG0521



KIMG0520 KIMG0524 KIMG0527


But then I also found these, and I’m a bit baffled:

KIMG0522 KIMG0523

Not significantly bigger than the coyote tracks, but wider, the pad marks are wider and slightly differently shaped, and there’s no claw marks.  In mud that soft there ought to be claw marks if it was a canine, even if they were well worn claws.  The NY DEC insists that we don’t have big cat here, but I’m almost wondering if thats what these are from.  I moved our one surviving trail camera from the trail by the stream to a spot where it can watch this trail.  Hopefully my scent all over as I muddled over the tracks won’t scare off the wildlife……

Speaking of the weather, it looks like mother nature is going to try for a winter after all:


Tuesday morning’s work commute ought to be “interesting”……

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Oh Holy Night

Posted December 24, 2015 By Ruth

I don’t do alot of traditional Christmas music these days.  Not because I don’t appreciate it, but because after working retail for most of my life I’ve heard more horrid versions of it than I can count.  And trying to sort out the good from the bad to listen to just isn’t something I want to go through.

But some songs just belong, especially on Christmas Eve.

Course, then you have to find someone singing it who doesn’t murder it.  Turns out more than half the folks who’ve done this song professionally have “played” with it.  Made it fancy.  Added vocal trills.

Simple is good folks.  This is a simple song.

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The Sound of Silence

Posted December 22, 2015 By Ruth

If you’re on social media you may have already seen this.  But I’m sharing it anyway.

While it doesn’t beat out the original, its a damn good re-make.

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Buffalo tacos

Posted December 15, 2015 By Ruth

If you ever get the chance, ground buffalo meat makes awesome tacos.  One of these days I’ll get around to making up my own seasoning mix!

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