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Found on Facebook

Posted January 12, 2017 By Ruth




I realize that discussions with abused family members isn’t the same as what happens in public…..or is it?  At any rate…..



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Catching up

Posted January 1, 2017 By Ruth

The holidays went ok.  My MIL has been diagnosed with one of the colitis’s (I’m drawing a blank on the exact name) and until it’s under control she’s staying close to a bathroom and not eating much.  So the holidays themselves were fairly quiet, which isn’t a bad thing.  We got another new Cutco knife, a set of flannel sheets, and lots of gift cards.

Course, then on Tuesday, while making myself a sandwich, I sliced off a nice sized chunk of the finger pad of my left middle finger (with the same knife I nicked myself with a few years ago in fact).  Not quite sure what went wrong, I wasn’t in a hurry, wasn’t being stupid, wasn’t distracted, but the knife slipped and I was running for bandaids.  I managed to get it to stop bleeding without medical intervention, and then had to figure out how to bandage it so as to keep it clean and protected at work, your average fingertip bandaid just not cutting it.  Turns out there’s this nifty bandage type called a “teragram“, I’d used the padded versions several times, but never noticed the unpadded ones on the shelf (likely because they’re located with the actual wound-dressing bandages rather than with the regular bandaids).  I have now added several boxes to the first aid kit.  It’s basically a clear piece that almost looks like saran wrap, sticks to the skin but not the wound, waterproof but breathable, flexible enough to wrap around a finger tip without added bulk.  A layer of gauze over that for padding and we’re all set!  Its healing nicely, the only remaining issue is that it’s incredibly tender and without the gauze the slightest touch to it feels like someone is stabbing my finger.  With the gauze light pressure is ok, but lifting and carrying (or, shaping bread loaves) is even more painful.  Which is making work interesting.  But I’m coping.  Wish I’d found these over the summer when I got myself with that drill bit, but oh well!

We’re headed into the slow season at work, which means I’ll have lots of time off.  I have a not small woodworking project planned, we’ll see how it goes.  I intend to take lots of pictures so I can post about it when I’m done.

Winter wise we’re definitely in for it this year.  We did have a thaw for Christmas, but then it promptly snowed again and everything is once again white.

Otherwise there’s not much going on.  Quiet is good!

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Dear 2016

Posted December 29, 2016 By Ruth

Go away…..


Course, 2017 isn’t likely to be much better.  The large majority of the big name deaths this year come from the same generation……

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RIP Carrie Fisher — Strangled by her own Bra

Posted December 28, 2016 By Ruth

Carrie Fisher died yesterday.  Well, I expect the soul was gone when she had the heart attack and that they were just gathering her family before pulling the plug.  But the official statement was yesterday.

I grew up watching Star Wars on VHS, alot.  My dad’s a huge fan.  Princess Leia strangling the bad guy with the chain he tried to contain her with is a huge favorite scene of mine.

I’ve read a couple of her books, and enjoyed them alot, though they’re not my usual fair.

In her book Wishful Drinking she states:

“George [Lucas] comes up to me the first day of filming, and he takes one look at the dress and says, ‘You can’t wear a bra under that dress … because there is no underwear in space.’

“I promise you this is true,” she added, “and he says it with such conviction too! Like he had been to space and looked around and he didn’t see any bras or panties or briefs anywhere.”

“So, what happens if you go to space and you become weightless,” Fisher wrote. “So far so good, right? But then your body expands??? But your bra doesn’t — so you get strangled by your own bra.”

“Now I think that this would make for a fantastic obit — so I tell my younger friends that no matter how I go, I want it reported that I drowned in moonlight, strangled by my own bra.”

So be it.


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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

Posted December 25, 2016 By Ruth

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Random bits and thoughts

Posted December 23, 2016 By Ruth

The upside to having my mother now on Facebook is I no longer need to send her photos and what not separately, she can see them and show them with my dad and it’s much easier.

The downside to having my mother now on Facebook is that she freaks out every time I gripe about getting sick, and every time I gripe about work, and…..



Speaking of Facebook, there’s a video going around of a Comcast worker doing work on the side of the road and a bunch of cars almost hitting him.  The general FB opinion is that the Comcast worker is EVIL and why didn’t he put out more cones, and OMG!!!  GONNA BOYCOTT COMCAST!!!!  Meanwhile I’m looking at this video thinking those morons are going WAY TOO FAST for road conditions and they better hope their insurance companies never see this video……


A few months ago I ordered custom muzzles for both dogs.  Arty needs one for vet visits, and I’d been trying to train Apollo to wear one just in case but hadn’t been able to find a premade one I liked.  The company offered the option of matching leashes (both leashes and muzzles made out of biothane), so I ordered one for Arty (we’re really picky about the leashes we use on Apollo).  Everything arrived, and I love the muzzles.  The leash….well, the biothane is awesome, but the clip they used is cheap crap (one reason we’re picky about Apollo’s leashes).  Since its technically a custom piece I decided it wasn’t worth griping at the company, I’d just replace the clip at some point with something heavier.  But I figured the cheap one would last the winter at least……

I was wrong.  Last Saturday, while I was at work and Husband was taking the dogs out for one last potty before he left for work, the clip on Arty’s leash somehow popped open (I suspect ice in the spring, and the cheap spring not being enough to keep it closed anyway), resulting in him taking off in mad-cap zoomies down the road.

Apollo saw him taking off, got all excited, and bounced off the end of HIS leash (another reason why we’re picky about his leashes), at which point HIS COLLAR CLOSURE popped open and he took off after Arty.  They were easy enough to catch, they only got a couple houses down the road before the excitement wore off, so everyone’s home and safe.

We’re not quite sure what happened with Apollo’s collar, in theory it’s possible that we just caught a large enough chunk of fur in the closure, resulting in it not closing properly.  However this collar is 4yrs old and I’m having a hard time believing that we’ve never gotten large chunks of his fur caught in it before.  Which makes me think that even if we DID get fur caught in it the closure itself is failing.  Which wouldn’t be a huge shock since it IS 4yrs old and gets put on him and taken off him multiple times a day.  But it is frustrating.  So until I can find a new collar I like for him we’re double collaring him.  His current collar (which, when closed, can’t slip over his head) and his old martingale (which, even when fitted properly, he’s proved he can slip out of if he really wants), in hopes that the double collar will be enough to keep him restrained.

And no, neither dog has all that great of a recall.  Normally we do have a GREAT emergency recall.  But Arty was in psycho zoomie mode cause he’d been cooped up in the house due to the cold, and Apollo wasn’t letting him go by himself.  We’re back to using Arty’s old leash, not the end of the world, but annoying.  Lotsa fun….


My work has been typical Christmas madness.  This is the time of year when I tend to really hate people in general.

And then I had to explain to a casual acquaintance that the use of “frenzied beasts” (by a mutual acquaintance) when referring to Black Friday/weekend crowds was not racist.  Her argument consisted of “but it’s OFTEN racist!!”.  I pointed out that context matters.  She asked if there were any terms that I thought were ALWAYS racist.  I said I always consider “nigger” to be racist, but if the community as a whole really wanted it taken that way they needed to stop using it in media.  To which she responded that it’s alright if black people call each other “nigger”, cause context mattered!  To which I responded “so why are we having this conversation again?  Cause you just proved my point”.  She hasn’t spoken to me since.


Speaking of retail, and people in general.  Please take some thought as to how you treat people in front of your kids (or grandkids or random children around you).  A while back I had a lady approach me looking for a particular product.  She was pushing a cart with a kid in it, probably less than 5yrs old, though I suck at guessing ages.  Kid called her gramma.  She told me that she was looking for two specific products, either of which would work for her project.  I told her that I wasn’t familiar with the one, but the other is right over here if you’ll follow me.  As I turned to lead the way I hear the kid say “you must be new here if you don’t know….” at which point gramma shushed him.  I pretended to not hear, though I’ll admit that what I wanted to do was snap at the kid about manners (which wouldn’t have been useful, but yah).

But someone in this kid’s life has said that to people who are trying to help him/her.  And not just once, likely it’s been said multiple times.  The kid rattled it off word for word.  5 yrs old or less and he already thinks that’s how you treat people who’re trying to assist you.  Oh sure, he doesn’t understand the context of it.  Doesn’t matter.  With that as his guide how do you think he’s going to grow up?

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Home On The Range Blog?

Posted December 9, 2016 By Ruth

Last post I remember seeing she said something about taking a break from blogging.  Which is completely understandable.  But I didn’t realize she was going to lock down the blog either.  Anyone know how to contact her?  It sounds really shallow, but I’d never bothered to download at least a couple recipes…….


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Winter is here

Posted November 20, 2016 By Ruth

In true Upstate NY fashion we’ve had a few flurries of snow prior to today, but nothing really stuck (luckily, since it wouldn’t be out of normal for it to have done so).

Yesterday it hit 70 degrees by noon, and I was running around at work in short sleeves and sweating.

By 3:30 in the afternoon the sky had gone dark, winds came blasting through, and the temp dropped by 20 degrees in half an hour.  Freezing rain by the time I was driving home.  Sleet by the time Husband was driving home.

Woke up this morning to white grass, though it’s not otherwise sticking…..yet.

The prediction is that tonight it’ll really start accumulating, 6″ to over a foot depending on exactly where you are (which keeps changing every time I look at it).  Last predicted accumulation map I saw put us in the 6-12″ category.  We’ll see what we actually get.

Of course, this was predicted by Thursday, with the Winter Weather Warnings going out on Friday.  Saturday at work I personally sold 4 snow-blowers, one co-worker sold 3 before I even got there, and another co-worker sold another 3 while I was helping other customers.

Plus snow shovels, ice melt, ice scrapers, and wood pellets.

I think last winter made the area lazy…….


Edited: Monday morning, 8am, looks like 6″ or so.  Hard to tell with the wind causing drifting, but I doubt its more than that, so far anyway.  They’re saying another 6″ to 12″ today……

New kitchen floor

Posted November 9, 2016 By Ruth

Yesterday we spent the day with the TV off, and ignoring social media as best I could.  Today, once I’ve finished my morning rounds, I’ll be doing the same.  And I expect to do the same for the rest of the week at least.  America, you did this to yourself, and that’s without even taking into account the media bias in the reporting.  Add in the media bias, and yup, America you did this to yourself.  I have zero interest in watching the world go up in virtual, mental, and likely real, flames as the media believing sheep (on both sides) prove themselves unable to cope.

Last winter we had to replace the vinyl at the front entry way after Arty shredded it in a fit of separation anxiety.  Looking back it looks like I never posted about that, ooops.

Old vinyl:

kimg0484 kimg0485


New peel and stick tiles:



We decided that it was so easy to put down, and looked so much better than the old, that we ought to redo the kitchen and back entryway in it.

I managed to get the back entry and laundry area done back in February or so, but then life intervened and we’ve been living with vinyl in the kitchen that had been shredded at one edge and wasn’t in good shape to begin with.

With my parents due out to visit the week after Thanksgiving I decided I needed to finish the kitchen floor.  So yesterday, after a trip out to vote, we got busy.


kimg1266 kimg1268


And new:

kimg1269 kimg1270 kimg1271

I still have to finish the trim of course.  And unlike the smaller areas I had some issues with tile creep.  I didn’t notice till I was done, but even though I was trying hard to keep the tiles well butted against each other, some fairly noticeable gaps have formed between tiles in several spots.  A bit of research says that there’s a couple options for filling these gaps, next time I work I’ll look at the options and decide which one will work better for me.

Overall I’m happy with it though.  It looks WAY better than what was there.  And unlike sheet vinyl, if an area is damaged I can just pull up the damaged tile or tiles and replace them.  AND I have two full extra cases of tile for exactly that reason, AND it was on clearance so it was 50% off when I bought it.

By the way, the trick to pulling up the old vinyl easily and quickly?  Heat!  The recommended form is either a heat gun or a wallpaper steamer, but I improvised.  A couple old towels folded into quarter sized, with not quite boiling water poured over them.  If you pre-score the vinyl into sizes just a hair smaller than the folded towel, then lay the hot towel on the area for a minute or so, flip the towel to the next area, and the heated spot will pull up with almost no fuss and bother.  I had a couple stubborn spots I had to scrape, but by using heat I had the entire kitchen floor bare in about an hour.  Just keep your towel less than dripping wet so you don’t damage your subfloor, alternate between towels, when one starts to cool down to much toss it in the dryer to suck out the extra moisture till you need it again.

General updates

Posted October 27, 2016 By Ruth

I may be, finally, done with the whole sinus infection thing for the season.  Cross your fingers for me!

Work…..well, the Department Supervisor I was previously griping about has moved along.  Which is cool.  But it meant they had to find a new one.  Three people within the company applied, two from my store and a 3rd from another nearby store.  1-guy with previous department head experience, ran the receiving dept like a champ, doesn’t take shit, GETS THINGS DONE, but also can be abrasive to deal with as a fellow employee (though every customer interaction I’ve seen him deal with he was always polite).  2-woman currently working in the paint department, has previously worked in the garden department, zero department head experience, occasionally a bit of a flake.  3-current MET team member from a nearby store (not going to try to explain that, but it means he hasn’t actually worked in an actual store department in 8 or 9 years but technically has some department head “privileges”), previous garden department experience from before he joined MET, no actual department head experience.  My vote was candidate 1.  They hired candidate 3.  On first impression he seems like a nice enough guy……and if he makes it TO next summer, much less THROUGH next summer, I’ll be very surprised.  Yay.

In addition, one of the full time employees in the department is having some personal issues that have devolved into legal issues, and I knew from personal conversation with her that it was coming to a head this week and that management had approved her taking the week off on short notice.  I don’t have a problem with that and I’m crossing my fingers for luck and doing my best to offer friend support during the whole mess.  However as a department employee I’d expect management to have done SOMETHING to inform the department (at bare minimum our new department head) that we’re going to be short a person all week.  They don’t have to explain anything, “personal emergency” covers it just fine.  I had forgotten that her whole mess was this week, till Monday afternoon at work when I couldn’t find her, and the dept head didn’t know if she’d come in, and I paged her, and got a call back from management telling me that “she’s out sick”.  I asked said manager if she’d let the dept know we were short a person?  “Well no, but she was sick…..”(no she wasn’t, but really? can’t you at least take the 30 seconds to call the dept and let us know we’re going to be short a person?? Arg.  I managed to not actually SAY that…..).  This particular assistant manager is new to this store (as of this summer) but this sort of thing is standard to most of the managers in this store.  Only one is good about letting the department know that she just took a call out call.

Yesterday at work I was having a bit of day myself.  On top of being short a body in the department I managed to whack my head on a ladder about an hour into my shift.  I’m fine, and knew I was fine then, but went in search of an ice pack in hopes of stemming the goose bump.  The Store Manager caught me with it and freaked out cause I’d hit my head at work.  I managed to convince her I was fine, but promised to not drive the forklifts for the day (not that I’d planned to, having the forks in the air and discovering I was dizzy after all would have been a bad thing).  On an interesting note, the fact that I’d bumped my head and therefor might not be 100% managed to circulate through-out every member of management and dept head in the store within the hour.  Unlike when someone calls out…..

Have I mentioned that working retail sucks?

We finally got cold enough that the garden is done except for the broccoli that I tried to plant in the spring and just bolted instead due to the heat.  I’m leaving it alone for the moment, I want to see how tall it gets.  I actually got potatoes, I wasn’t sure I would since the plants almost all blighted fairly early in the season.  Course, most of them are tiny, and the ones that aren’t are either buggy or sprouting already…..I need to finish digging them up, and then I might just replant the sprouting ones to see what happens.

I found a hair dye that advertises to dye brunette hair purple (or blue depending on which box you buy) without needing to bleach first.  Its supposed to be a more subtle color, of course, than if you bleach first, but I’ve always  kinda wanted to dye my hair blue or purple……a check of the dress code at work shows that it doesn’t actually mention hair color…..I might have to see if I can get them to freak at me…….