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Posted July 18, 2013 By Ruth

I haven’t done this in forever!

Missing man found in front yard.


Target practice!

We might be able to turn off Down Syndrome.

She wants to be a paraplegic.

Body paint isn’t considered clothing.


More NYS news

Posted March 5, 2013 By Ruth

Onondaga county passes a resolution against the SAFE act, 14-3.  I’m kinda amazed that Onondaga did this, I honestly expected them to be one of the hold out counties.

NYS Assembly expected to pass state minimum wage increase.  To $9/hr.  Guys, that isn’t going to help…..


Morning reads

Posted December 19, 2012 By Ruth

Wandering through my morning blog reading, ran across a few things I had to share.

Borepatch discovers laser controlled cats.

Heather at Raised by Wolves found a video of an eagle trying to snatch a kid.

On a more disgusting note YesBiscuit found an article on the discovery of primate parts at a rendering plant for animal food.

And in a post I’ll probly be quoting from heavily in my next Facebook argument Jay at MArooned points out the stupidity of trying to ban the guns the shooter was using.


Posted December 9, 2012 By Ruth

Catfish hunting pigeons.

CO company refuses to recall dog treats.

That is NOT why they’re called nanny dogs…..

From horror to hope.

Birth control over the counter.

Fat blocking soda.



Posted November 10, 2012 By Ruth

Facebook, I want my friends back.

Illiterate kids hack OLPCs in 5 months.

Radar gun results in real gun action.

Bar washes up 2 miles away.

21yr old wants to play highschool football.

Woman sentenced to wear descriptive sign.


Bye Bye Buckyballs.

Rare condition turns muscle to bone.

When can police dogs sniff at your door?



Posted October 28, 2012 By Ruth

Any excuse

Copyright case threatens Ebay and flea markets.

Child not allowed in school while parent deployed.

Zero tolerance strikes again.


Posted October 25, 2012 By Ruth

Soo…..I gripe about not being able to find links, and I have links!  Such is life.


N Korean Minister executed via mortar round.

The robber put a gun to his head, so he shot the robber.  Now the robber is sueing him.

Wait, you mean minors get constitutional rights too??

If you can afford the car, you’d better be able to afford the insurance!

Is your Halloween candy union approved?

Have you seen this van?

Video games to combat pain.

American Family Insurance wants to go out of business.

My size is none of your business!”


Posted October 23, 2012 By Ruth

And this is why I don’t have a Kindle, and have no intention buying ebooks via Amazon or Apple or….

Wedding bands for geeks.

Really cool pictures of really tiny things.

Guess its not just the TSA huh?

Bundrage realized he didn’t have the $20,000 he had demanded and he returned to the bank

Next week: scientists convicted of costing governments to much money due to pessimistic forecasts.



Posted October 17, 2012 By Ruth

I’ve been having trouble putting together links for these lately (as I’m sure you noticed).  I usually browse the news on my phone, from my ipad, or at work while waiting for things to process and these are the times when I collect the majority of my links.  The problem: more and more sites have been changing their options for “sharing” their articles.  Many no longer an option to “email to a friend” which is how I usually get my links to my home computer for these posts.  Instead I have to log into my Facebook, or other social media to share the link there, and I refuse to do that at work, and am less than happy doing it from public wireless systems, and don’t want those passwords saved in my phone.  And just to add insult to injury at least one major media site technically still offers the “email to a friend” option….IF you’ll log into your webmail account via their page to do so.  Yah, I don’t think so…..


A life preserver for toddlers.

Fail! (and I’m laughing at you!)

Radioactive cash.

I coulda told you that.

Your computer could kill you!!!

Lawsuit pending in 3 2 1….



Posted September 27, 2012 By Ruth

A heart heals itself.

Did you know you have to pay to see God?

Gator party!

Maybe there’s hope for Upstate yet!

Chocolate train wreck?

Police force is a dog.

That McDonalds clown better watch his back….