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How to get your face bitten off by a strange dog

Posted December 16, 2014 By Ruth

aka: some moron who publishes for public consumption is trying to get people bitten

I’m NOT going to link to the actual article.  But if you really want to read it, it was published on The Toast, and its titled “Tips for Getting the Most Out Of Strangers’ Dogs”.  Note, The Toast isn’t exactly what I’d call high end reading, but unfortunately the article is making the rounds of Facebook…..

And its basically a set of instructions on how to get a strange dog to allow you to pet them without having to ask the dog owner for permission first…..

The FIRST thing the author tells you to do is lock eyes with the dog.

Locking eyes with a predator is an aggressive signal.  While its true that certain training commands involve having a dog do that on command, outside of that setup its STILL an aggressive move even for those dogs.  And while some dogs won’t care, others will be scared by the eye contact (oh yah, terrorizing the dog you want to pet is a good idea), and still others till respond in a very aggressive manner.

Never mind that there ARE dogs who’ll allow you to reach out a hand to pet them….only to snap at the hand because something triggered their fear at the last minute.

Never mind the SHEAR STUPIDITY that people insist on doing this sort of thing with working dogs (and no, just because you don’t see a vest on the dog doesn’t mean they’re not working).

So do yourself and every dog you meet a favor.  Ask the owners permission BEFORE even approaching the dog.  Do NOT lock eyes with the dog.  And if at any point the owner indicates that your attention isn’t welcome or needs to stop, then DON’T PUSH IT.


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Absolutely positively NO

Posted March 10, 2013 By Ruth

I keep seeing this ad on TV:

And all I can think of is that there is ABSOLUTELY NO WAY IN HELL I’M VOLUNTARILY HANDING A COP MY CELL PHONE, digital insurance card or not…..and I don’t even have anything to hide!!!!

Ok, its rant night

Posted June 18, 2012 By Ruth

So yah, I wander through a variety of message forums, on a variety of topics.  Some I stick around for alot of time, others I barely touch on.  My last post was inspired by someone on ONE message board.

This one is about a poster on a different message board….some CHILD (I don’t know the actual age of the person), wanting to know if they should neuter their German Shepherd.  Now normally I’m one of these folks who says that not neutering is better for the dog (and I have studies and research to back that up, unlike “common knowledge” which says you’re a HORRIBLE person if you don’t spay/neuter your animal *eye roll*).  However, I want this dog neutered, and maybe found a new home while I’m at it.

See, the dog already got hit by a car once, which is why they are considering neutering (huh??), but

of course he NEVER leaves the property!!!

So….the truck that hit the dog hit him in the driveway? 

Well no, but it was RIGHT in FRONT of the driveway!!! He NEVER leaves the property!!!!

Either the dog was in the road (off the property) or the guy went off the road to hit your dog, you don’t get it both ways. 


So you’ve fenced the yard now so he won’t get hit again right? 

HE NEVER LEAVES THE PROPERTY!!!!  And NO we’re not CAGING HIM, we ALWAYS leave him out when we’re not home!!!!

If you leave him out when you’re not home how do you know he never leaves the property?

Cause he DOESN’T!!!!

Omg.  Its dog owners like this that give the rest of us a bad name.  Bets on how many half GSD puppies there are in nearby?

Stupid ideas

Posted September 2, 2011 By Ruth

I was following links a round yesterday and ended up on a blog by John Sibley.  He was pointing out this product by Art Lebedov.  Considering the political climate most places I wonder how long it would take, after you left the house using that leash, before the cops came screaming up….. (a large majority of trainers and dog people don’t even like retractable leashes in the first place!)

To the Spammer who…..Redux

Posted July 15, 2011 By Ruth

Back in April I posted short note about an idiot who thought my “gun blog” ment I should buy ammo from him and share his links around.  Yah right.  I posted, put the company’s website on my “do not buy from” bookmarks and forgot about it.

Turns out that the same company that was spamming me, was spamming a bunch of other folks, and doing so in a way that is decidedly iffy if technically legal.  Go read the whole thing, as well as the first post on the subject over at Walls of the City.

Personally that set of information just made sure that I WON’T be buying anything from any of the associated sites.

H/T to Zercool


Posted June 10, 2011 By Ruth

My neighbor across the street, kitty-corner on my right (the ones with the psychotic german shepherds), were out mowing this evening.  Pretty normal, except it was mom tonight instead of dad, again, not out of this world, except she had the youngest sitting on her lap, side-saddle fashion, with only mom’s arm holding her on.  Youngest is TOPS 3yrs old, I’m betting barely two though I’ve not actually met the kid to be sure.  Regardless, young enough to have small enough limbs to EASILY fit under the guard around the mower blades, and young enough to not have a CLUE how to fall and get out of the way if mom’s arm slips.