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2nd Barn Hunt Competition

Posted November 24, 2014 By Ruth

Arty’s 2nd Barn Hunt official trial was this past weekend.  Unfortunately it didn’t go as smoothly as the first.

I had signed him up for 4 Novice runs, two Saturday and two Sunday.  After receiving the run schedule I guesstimated that we’d be in the ring for the first run Sat before 10am, and got us there a little after 9am.  He had diarrhea when he pooped shortly after arriving there but by itself that didn’t mean anything.

I guesstimated wrong.  We didn’t get into the ring till after 11am.  Arty’s not the patient sort, and stresses easily.  So by the time he got into the ring he was too stressed to really look for the rat.  His 2nd run, a bit after 12-noon didn’t go any better.

Got home and he had another bout of diarrhea, and then puked up his lunch, refused supper, and puked up bile.  By 9pm he was still curled up into a miserable ball on the couch and I called off the Sunday runs.

Sunday his tummy was back to normal, keeping down the light meals I gave him, and he didn’t have diarrhea, but he still spent the day curled up in a little ball.  Poor stressed puppy.  Not sure he had a bug, or if it was just stress (which is my bet).  On the other hand I definitely picked up a bug somewhere, cause by the end of the day Sunday I was pretty miserable, though at least mine isn’t based in my tummy!  So maybe it was for the best that we didn’t do the Sunday runs.  

Oh well.  Next local competition is in March, with practices starting back up in January.  So I’ll be working on making sure he’s comfortable on site as much as standard practices……


(for everyone who asked: the insane snowfall that hit Buffalo and the northern parts of the state didn’t hit us.  We got a dusting.  Apollo’s disapointed, and I have to admit that it would have been fun to watch him go berserk over snow deeper than I am tall.  But I’m just happy I didn’t have to try to clear 6+ feet of snow…..)

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Photo dump

Posted October 27, 2014 By Ruth

Been a while since the last time I posted photos (and even that was mostly garden stuff)….

IMGA2669a IMGA3987a IMGA3989a IMGA5988 2014-08-27_20-28-37_438 2014-09-15_09-06-12_225 IMGA6566 IMGA6593 IMGA7378 IMGA7091a IMGA7251a IMGA7820a IMGA5731a IMGA5749a IMGA6286 IMGA6702a IMGA6814a IMGA6837a IMGA6847a IMGA7228a IMGA7319a IMGA7468a IMGA7511a IMGA7658a IMGA7681a IMGA7708a IMGA7816a

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Posted October 26, 2014 By Ruth



He is the first NGSD to ever hold a Barn Hunt Instinct title!

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Barn Hunt

Posted October 26, 2014 By Ruth

At some point in the last year I’d heard about a “new” canine sport called Barn Hunt.  Its basically a simulated rat hunt in a simulated barn setting.  Lots of “simulated” in there, but the idea was to work terriers as if they were barn dogs, charged with keeping the barn free of vermin.  But the sport isn’t just open to terriers, but to any breed of dog.  I thought it sounded like something that Arty would enjoy, and since I’ve been on the lookout for something I can do with him to get him out and about more I looked up local clubs.

No luck, the closest club was 2.5hrs away.  Not to far for competition certainly, but far enough that I wasn’t keen on dragging him out there for practices.

Then over the summer I found out about a new club starting up about 45 minutes north of me.  MUCH more feasible, location wise.  So I signed up Arty for practices.  And he LOVED it.  

So I went to register him with Barn Hunt so he could actually compete.  And that’s where  I ran into a problem.  Barn Hunt doesn’t care if the dog itself is register-able with any kennel club.  But in order for their breed to be listed with Barn Hunt the BREED must be register-able with one of the major kennel clubs (to keep the breed list from becoming a mess of -doodles and the like).

There’s something like barely 300 New Guinea Singing Dogs in the entire world.  Less most likely though I don’t have the current numbers.  And a fairly large number of those are owned by zoos, and research facilities, or in “group” settings.  The number owned by the private person, like me and my Arty is quite small.  Which just isn’t enough to get most KCs to be interested in recognizing them.  And two of the KCs that USED to recognize them no longer do.  I know what happened with one, but no one I’ve talked to knows what happened with the 2nd.

Barn Hunt refused to make an exception.  I was pretty peeved, for all that I understand the reasoning, there was no appeal process or anything.  I could have registered him with them as a “mixed breed”, but frankly the only thing I needed to register him for was actual competition runs.  I could still do practice sessions and “fun hunts” without registration.  So I refused, and so did every other Singer owner I talked to who was interested in Barn Hunt.

Then I discovered the IABCA lists Singers!  And Barn Hunt was willing to accept the IABCA’s listing!  Woohoo!  

That was 3 weeks ago.

Today Arty ran his first official trail.  He got his Instinct Qualification.  And his first (three are required) Novice Qual.  And although he wasn’t the fastest in the ring by any stretch, he did it with time to spare.  

There’s another Barn Hunt trial coming up the end of Nov, I can’t wait!

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Posted July 21, 2014 By Ruth

Turns out I’m one of those rare people who have a delayed reaction to yellow jacket stings.  It still wasn’t a severe reaction, but it was highly disconcerting when suddenly, a full SEVEN days after the original sting, my arm swelled up and started itching like mad……

I’ve now lost two cucumber plants.  I’m blaming the cucumber beetles, as the deterioration looks like bacterial wilt, something that they’re known to spread.  Neem oil/insecticidal soap/hand picking is just NOT CUTTING IT for controlling them and they’re all over the garden.  I’m considering putting down beneficial nematodes in the entire garden to control the larva, and considering an actual pesticide for the adults.  I don’t want to, but they are literally everywhere, and if this IS bacterial wilt I want to stop it NOW.  I’ll probly be putting down the nematodes regardless.

We’ve got a steady dribble of tomatoes, and for all that neither of us is a big fan of raw tomatoes we’re both eating these, they’re good.  Which is good, cause at this rate I’m not going to get enough at one time to actually make sauce with.

Cross your fingers, we’ve got at least two Sugar Baby watermelons ripening, and at least a couple more growing.  At least two white Watermelons (Cream of Saskatuwans) growing.  Three cantaloupes.  The fancy cantaloupe finally has female flowers on it.

Onions and carrots look good. 

Zucchini finally has babies growing. 

I’m actually getting sweet peppers this year!  I can’t wait for them to ripen! 

The jalapeno’s look awesome, going to be a bumper crop there.  Looks like most of the mystery peppers are Hungarian Hot Wax peppers, and they’re all producing madly.  Two look like they may be habanero’s, now to see if they’re whites or chocolates. 

I don’t think we’re going to get any pumpkins this year.  The plants are still less than a foot long.  I think the cold spring just did them in.  I’m on the hunt for a variety thats more cold tolerant.

Potato plants look good, I’ve not tried digging through the straw to check for actual potatoes though. 

One variety of lettuce has sprouted and is growing well, neither of the others appears to have even germinated.

Corn…..well, I’ll be happy if we even get a couple ears, that was a massive failure this year.

Blueberry plants didn’t produce any fruit this year, I didn’t even see a single blossom.  I’m blaming the extreme winter and cold spring.

Golden raspberry plant is producing well.  Boysenberry has produced a few berries, we’re waiting for them to ripen.  There are a couple berries on one of the blackberries.

Fruit trees….well, the one apple that didn’t produce last year (at all) has a good crop of fruit on it.  The rest of the apple trees have one or two apples, or nothing.  And there’s no pears at all.  Again, blaming the winter/spring for that one.  They all bloomed, and I didn’t think we got cold enough after budding to cause problems, but maybe we did.

My cell phone has developed a problem.  Its a Motorola Droid 2, so its not exactly new, but suddenly its developed a mind of its own and is randomly hitting options on the screen without any input from me.  This DID start after I dropped it (again) so I suspect a physical problem rather than a virus, especially since I’d not installed any new apps in the previous couple months.  It’ll be fine for a week or more, and then suddenly do things on its own.  Lotsa fun.

We took Arty to his first Barn Hunt practice last night.  I knew his prey drive was high, and he’s finally figured out how to use his nose, so I was hoping this would turn out to be something that I could take him too, and expose him to more things, that he’d enjoy.  And yup, he did very well.  There’s another practice in a few weeks, we’ll be taking both dogs to that one.  Though I don’t expect Apollo do well at it.  He’ll pass the instinct portion no problem, but for the actual runs the dog needs to go through a small tunnel, and I don’t expect to be able to convince Apollo that its worth his time to crawl through a tunnel.

Photos update

Posted January 27, 2014 By Ruth

Not much has been going on here, but I’ve gotten some photos to share.

This past Saturday I made a trip down to the local buffalo farm to pick up some meat for us and bones for the dogs.  While I was there their youngest calf (she was born in Oct, WAY late) and her momma wandered up to the fence line and they were kinda enough to allow me to go down to the line myself to snatch some photos.






And I attempted to get some closeups of snowflakes.  I don’t really have the right equipment for this, but they turned out ok anyway.  If you click through to the big version, and then click to zoom in you can see all sorts of detail.





And a sunset from a couple weeks ago.




And the dogs enjoying the snow.




A full moon.



And this juvi Red-tailed hawk was kind enough to soar slowly over so I could get several pictures.




And more birds at the feeders.





Posted January 22, 2014 By Ruth



I know, if there’s any Canadians reading this they’re laughing at me.  I don’t care.  -15 at 8am is fricking COLD by my book.  But hey, the pipes aren’t frozen this time!

Arty thinks this cold was designed just to torture him.

Apollo wants to go roll around in the snow some more and what do you mean you won’t let me spend all day out here??

Apollo’s happy

Posted December 7, 2013 By Ruth


It snowed!



Arty’s enjoying it too.







Back at the end of January we had to put Janie down.  It hurt, but she was miserable, and nothing was helping any more.

One thing I started doing, almost immedietly, was looking for a new cat.  Not because I wanted a new cat so soon, cause really, I didn’t.  But because in order to fit into this household a cat is going to have to fit some fairly strict criteria, and I knew it was going to take time to find a cat who did.

The problem of course is Arty’s prey drive.  He understands that he’s not allowed to chase MY cats, but any cat he doesn’t ID as mine is fair game, and I’ve not been able to break that yet (and may not be able to ever).  Any new cat that enters my house will have a period of time where, if it makes a “prey like” move Arty will attempt to pounce, it IS going to take me time to get him to realize this is MY cat.  SO: No kittens, they’re to small and helpless and to likely to do things like scamper accross the floor in a mad dash…..I’d prefer a young adult cat, between 1-3 years of age.  The cat needs to already be dog savvy.  And a larger cat is probly a good idea.  A laid-back temperment is also required, to put up with Arty.

Now I already knew that my local shelter had a strict policy of not adopting dogs into a home with an intact dog.  The fact that the dog I’d been looking at was already spayed had no bearing on their decision.  Apollo’s intact and thats that.  But surely it was different for their cats…..

Nope.  Intact dog, therefor no cat for me.  I shook my head and started casting my net wider.

And repeatedly ran into the same policy.  Apollo’s intact, therefor MULTIPLE rescues will not adopt an already “fixed” cat to me.

Guys, I promise Apollo has no taste for rape, much less cross-species rape, and the Tibetan Meow-stiff is an urban legend, I swear……

Its so bad that when I run across a new rescue I no longer email asking for more info on specific animals, and I no longer fill out the adoption application.  Instead the first thing I do is email asking if they will adopt a CAT into a home that has an intact DOG.

I haven’t found one yet.

These same rescues constantly go on about not being able to find homes for all their animals.  These same rescues can’t understand why people end up getting their next cat or dog from some BYB on Craigslist.

They do it to themselves.

Photo dump

Posted June 19, 2013 By Ruth

Great Crested Flycatcher



IMGP4554 IMGP4548House Wren

IMGP4498 IMGP4504Osprey with Fish

IMGP4485a IMGP4486a IMGP4487a IMGP4488a IMGP4489aGreat Blue Heron

IMGP4466a IMGP4468a IMGP4470a

Mopey puppy after he snatched (yet another) sparrow out of mid-air and we wouldn’t let him bring his new friend into the house


Apollo and Arty enjoying one of our (rare) sunny days

IMGP4452 IMGP4439

The moon a couple days ago


The Squirrel that Apollo decided was EVIL!!!!!  Damn thing just sat there and stared at the giant slavering dog going ballistic behind the glass less than 10ft away….


And a butterfly that caught my eye