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  • The things you notice….

    ….when you have a temperature of 101….

    Why is “patent filled technology” a selling point?  Any specific technology isn’t patent “filled”, it might HAVE a patent, but you don’t fill technology with patents….

    Reading John Ringo’s Under A Graveyard Sky, when your temperature is that high, right before bed, results in really really screwy dreams…..

    (I’m actually feeling pretty good this morning, no fever!  But I thought that yesterday morning too, only to have the fever back by mid-afternoon, so I’m not holding my breath yet.  Yes, I’m on an antibiotic)

    In other news: in the tiny bouts of energy I’ve had in between this cold and the dog show this past weekend (yes, I took Apollo to the show when I had a fever, yes I’m an idiot.  I did try to avoid breathing on anyone though), I managed to get my sprouted peppers and tomatoes out into the greenhouse.  It has been maintaining well above freezing with no problem since mid-day Thursday.  If temps take another dip (which so wouldn’t surprise me) I might have to bring them all in again, but so far its doing well, I even had to open it up yesterday to keep it from spiking to over 100 in there!

    The snow is finally melting.  The space I want to put the garden expansion is is clear.  If I can get over this cold I will absolutely be working on that this week.  Cross fingers for me!

  • Quick update

    Not a whole lot going on right now.  Or rather, what is going on I’m better off not talking about in public till its settled…..lets just say that attempting to screw with my career cause you have issues with women in power is a really bad idea.

    Anyway, to top off my lovely New Year I’ve just found out that the one and only antiperspirant that I’ve found that I can wear reliably without breaking out into a rash has been discontinued.  Their clear gel version is still availible, so I may have to give it a try.  I’m not a fan of the gel antiperspirants, but its better than breaking out in a massive rash on a regular basis….

    I have some very happy pepper seedlings:



    And Shadow is definitely becoming more comfortable in our house:



    though we’re still trying to convince him that Arty isn’t really devil spawn.


    The birds have been clearing the feeders almost as fast as I fill them, hard to blame them, its been a hard winter:

    IMGA2720 IMGA2728 IMGA2745 IMGA2755 IMGA2782 IMGA2799a


    Turns out they’ve had help with the feeders though:



    we’ve not had much of a squirrel problem the last few years, but I’m pretty sure I recognize that particular one from last year…..Apollo was also very happy to “scare off” an opossum the other night.  I think it was  me flipping on the lights that really made it decide to leave the feeders, but Apollo’s sure that it was responding to him barking at it.

    The deer have been back, though I don’t have time right now to upload those photos, I’ll do it later.  They’re looking skinnier, not sure if they’re just shedding their winter coats, or if this winter is finally taking its toll.

  • Photos update

    Not much has been going on here, but I’ve gotten some photos to share.

    This past Saturday I made a trip down to the local buffalo farm to pick up some meat for us and bones for the dogs.  While I was there their youngest calf (she was born in Oct, WAY late) and her momma wandered up to the fence line and they were kinda enough to allow me to go down to the line myself to snatch some photos.






    And I attempted to get some closeups of snowflakes.  I don’t really have the right equipment for this, but they turned out ok anyway.  If you click through to the big version, and then click to zoom in you can see all sorts of detail.





    And a sunset from a couple weeks ago.




    And the dogs enjoying the snow.




    A full moon.



    And this juvi Red-tailed hawk was kind enough to soar slowly over so I could get several pictures.




    And more birds at the feeders.




  • COLD!!!!



    I know, if there’s any Canadians reading this they’re laughing at me.  I don’t care.  -15 at 8am is fricking COLD by my book.  But hey, the pipes aren’t frozen this time!

    Arty thinks this cold was designed just to torture him.

    Apollo wants to go roll around in the snow some more and what do you mean you won’t let me spend all day out here??

  • A White Christmas and gardening!

    I know, what a pairing right?

    I wasn’t sure we were going to have a white Christmas here, we often don’t, somehow always managing to have a thaw right before Christmas that melts the white stuff already on the ground.  Heck, some years we don’t get any snow till after January 1st, at which point Mother Nature makes up for her kindness by dumping feet of the stuff on us.  And sure enough, this past weekend we had temps in the 50′s with rain, resulting in all but the largest of snow piles melting into nothing.

    But this year the few flakes that were drifting out of the sky when we left to go to Christmas Eve dinner at my Inlaws had turned into full on white out conditions by the time we left to come home.  Its only a couple inches of snow, but it made driving home interesting.  Apollo’s thrilled though.

    Their family tradition is to open one gift on Christmas Eve, and this year my SIL planned to be spending Christmas dinner with HER Inlaws so the gifts chosen to open were the ones from her family to everyone else.  Her gift to us this year was a new “welcome” mat for our front steps.  Our current one is decidedly faded and worn.  Please note the “‘ around the word “welcome”.  Our current mat states “You read my door mat, thats enough social interaction for one day”.  THIS is the new one.  Which sent the entire family into gales of laughter when they read it.  I love it, but when I flipped it over, and stopped to read the attached “warning label” I laughed even harder:



    The other present I was handed last night was my belated Birthday gift from my MIL.  My birthday was last month and she completely forgot to get me anything, I told her not to worry about it, birthday dinner and cake was plenty, but she insisted.  She ordered several books off my Amazon Wish List, one of them Backyard Winter Gardening by Caleb Warnock.

    I’ve been fascinated by the concept of winter gardening for a while, but the large majority of instruction and discussion on it that I’ve found has been done by folks in climates different from mine.  Someone on the west coast, or a zone and a half warmer than I, is going to have different success with different techniques that I would.  Technically we’re zone 5b, however I’ve repeatedly seen plants that are supposedly hardy to zone 5 not survive our winters.  So I was skeptical that any of the winter gardening techniques that I was seeing would work here.   The author of this book lives in the Rocky Mountains, and has recorded winter temps in his garden as low as -17.  So I figure if HE can do a winter garden with these techniques than I ought to be able to pull off something here.

    Husband practically lit up when he spotted me reading about winter grown broccoli last night.  After my one disastrous attempt to grow broccoli two summers ago I’ve not tried anything close since.  We may be trying again this next winter.  I will attempt to remember to blog about how what when and what the results are!

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    The prize is nothing fancy, a free copy of the calendar and maybe a mug, but I would really appreciate it!

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  • *headdesk* aka the reason I have very little respect for most animal rescue groups…

    Back at the end of January we had to put Janie down.  It hurt, but she was miserable, and nothing was helping any more.

    One thing I started doing, almost immedietly, was looking for a new cat.  Not because I wanted a new cat so soon, cause really, I didn’t.  But because in order to fit into this household a cat is going to have to fit some fairly strict criteria, and I knew it was going to take time to find a cat who did.

    The problem of course is Arty’s prey drive.  He understands that he’s not allowed to chase MY cats, but any cat he doesn’t ID as mine is fair game, and I’ve not been able to break that yet (and may not be able to ever).  Any new cat that enters my house will have a period of time where, if it makes a “prey like” move Arty will attempt to pounce, it IS going to take me time to get him to realize this is MY cat.  SO: No kittens, they’re to small and helpless and to likely to do things like scamper accross the floor in a mad dash…..I’d prefer a young adult cat, between 1-3 years of age.  The cat needs to already be dog savvy.  And a larger cat is probly a good idea.  A laid-back temperment is also required, to put up with Arty.

    Now I already knew that my local shelter had a strict policy of not adopting dogs into a home with an intact dog.  The fact that the dog I’d been looking at was already spayed had no bearing on their decision.  Apollo’s intact and thats that.  But surely it was different for their cats…..

    Nope.  Intact dog, therefor no cat for me.  I shook my head and started casting my net wider.

    And repeatedly ran into the same policy.  Apollo’s intact, therefor MULTIPLE rescues will not adopt an already “fixed” cat to me.

    Guys, I promise Apollo has no taste for rape, much less cross-species rape, and the Tibetan Meow-stiff is an urban legend, I swear……

    Its so bad that when I run across a new rescue I no longer email asking for more info on specific animals, and I no longer fill out the adoption application.  Instead the first thing I do is email asking if they will adopt a CAT into a home that has an intact DOG.

    I haven’t found one yet.

    These same rescues constantly go on about not being able to find homes for all their animals.  These same rescues can’t understand why people end up getting their next cat or dog from some BYB on Craigslist.

    They do it to themselves.

  • Uhoh

    The other day I pulled this picture off one of the trail cameras:

    0075INFORMATION_STRIP_ON__TAG 29.50 inHg 79"F  07/22/13 01:02 PM  MYCAMER1

    Hubby and I looked at each other, and both agreed that that seems awfully early…..either he’s going to have a big rack, or we’re going to have a bad winter……

    Then yesterday while brushing down Apollo I noticed that he’s already growing back in his undercoat……..and he’s not the only one, every Tibetan Mastiff owner I’ve talked to has said the same, the dogs had a long extended shed, and now, before they’re even done shedding, they’re growing back in their winter fluff……

    This does not give me warm fuzzies for the coming winter…..

  • Bunny

    Late yesterday afternoon I went looking for Apollo as he wasn’t in any of his usual spots and I was hoping to sneak out the back door to record some bird song, but first I had to make sure I knew where he was……

    Didn’t take long, the house is pretty small, but I found him sitting at the back door, which I’d opened up so that we could get some breeze in through the screen.  He was staring intently at something in the back yard, looooong strings of drool headed floor-ward.  I followed his gaze out, and found he was staring at a young bunny, who was sitting about 10ft from the back steps.

    I didn’t get to record my bird-song, but Apollo didn’t get his bunny either…..