Volcano is sinking, this may not be a good thing……

Yet another reason to be careful of that raw cookie dough.

Well digging burros.

Yet another reason not to trust auto-pilot.

Another reason why I never had any desire to become a pro-photographer.

Not sure this school quite understands the concept.

Not new, but another reason why the TSA sucks.

New Zealand town offering incentives to bring in workers!  To bad the media got it wrong again.

Turns out that the last 15yrs worth of fMRI research might be completely screwed.

I love both the colors, and the color names, I might just have to buy more yarn!

Selfies are deadly!

Illusion of the year finalists.

Sugar might be the cause of that heart attack.

The fire extinguishing ball.  Video.  I hope this catches on, I love the concept.