I need plant ideas

Alright peoples, I need ideas.

We’re digging up the horseshoe pits that were put in by the former owners, and I’m thinking I want to plant something in those spots.

I want something that flowers (berries or no doesn’t matter), but that either isn’t fast growing or that will stay less than 10ft in height.

I’d prefer no thorns. But if you show me something that’s otherwise perfect I’ll tolerate thorns.

It MUST be tolerant down to USDA zone 5 and I’d prefer zone 4 tolerant.

It MUST be tolerant of having “wet feet”. We have a very high water-table here, and if I dug a hole a foot deep right now the bottom couple inches would be full of water.


  1. Ping from bogie:

    Holly, Winterberry, some hydrangea, spice bush. If you go with holly or winterberry and want berries (which show up much better than the flowers), then you need a male and female.

  2. Ping from bogie:

    I forgot that a lot of Rhodies also like to be in moist soil.

  3. Ping from Ruth:

    Spice Bush keeps coming up, but I can’t find any local, and most of the nurseries that ship seem to be out too. Apparently they were popular this year. Guess I should have started earlier.