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Posted July 26, 2013 By Ruth

The other day I pulled this picture off one of the trail cameras:

0075INFORMATION_STRIP_ON__TAG 29.50 inHg 79"F  07/22/13 01:02 PM  MYCAMER1

Hubby and I looked at each other, and both agreed that that seems awfully early…..either he’s going to have a big rack, or we’re going to have a bad winter……

Then yesterday while brushing down Apollo I noticed that he’s already growing back in his undercoat……..and he’s not the only one, every Tibetan Mastiff owner I’ve talked to has said the same, the dogs had a long extended shed, and now, before they’re even done shedding, they’re growing back in their winter fluff……

This does not give me warm fuzzies for the coming winter…..