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The entitled youth of today

Posted February 13, 2013 By Ruth

Found via Lagniappe’s Lair:

Megan Thode as decided she’s a special snowflake.  After proving incapable of maintaining a professional demeanor in class, thus earning herself a C+ in a class where a B was required to move on, she is now suing school for allowing her to not move forward in her chosen program.  After all daddy works there, so she wasn’t even having to pay for her education, so why SHOULD she have to meet the requirements?

Yah, I didn’t think so either.  I hope the judge forces her to pay the school’s court costs.

One by one….

Posted February 13, 2013 By Ruth

Linked to from a bunch of other blogs:

The New York Boycott list.  This is a list of firearms companies who will not sell products to the police and other such agencies of NY if those products are not legal for civilians in NY to own.

As a citizen of NY state I’ll be sending those companies a thank you for refusing to acknowledge that the government is special!