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Non-ethanol gas

Posted January 21, 2013 By Ruth

Weekend Pundit commented on how just “lovely” ethanol gas is.

I’ve never been a huge fan, but untill recently I didn’t seem to have a choice in the matter.

Last spring a gas station not that far from me swapped a single pair of pumps over to non-ethanol gas.  It made sense, they’re the closest gas station to a fairly large marina on the local lake, plus we’re a fairly rural community with all sorts of odds and ends equipment that just runs better on non-ethanol gas.  That pair of pumps was so popular that they couldn’t keep the tank full.  Now the entire island is non-ethanol.  Price wise its sits between 10 and 20 cents per gallon more than their regular gas.

I also recently discovered that there are at least two fairly major local gas station chains who have premium non-ethanol at every pump at every gas station.  Now I’m not going to pay the price for premium, but when I can swing not to far out of my way to hit the gas station by the marina I’m doing so.  I’ve seen an uptick in my miles per gallon too.  Its hard to say an exact number, since I’m not ALWAYS able to get non-ethanol gas, and so there’s always a mix in my tank rather than pure non-ethanol, but my miles per gallon has been slowly inching upwards with each tank…..

Its finally getting back to normal

Posted January 21, 2013 By Ruth


That is my Statcounter chart for the last week.  Tuesday is the day I posted a link to the PDF file of NY’s SAFE act, about 9:30am EST.  My normal daily hits (before last Tuesday) averages between 20 and 30 a day, less if I haven’t posted in a bit……