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To the driver

Posted November 13, 2012 By Ruth

of the little red ragtop Mazda MX5 who was infront of me on the way home.  Be very glad I wasn’t driving a big ass truck….

Trail camera pics

Posted November 11, 2012 By Ruth

After a couple weeks of nothing but pictures of moving branches at the normal camera locations we re-evaluated where the cameras ought to be.  There were lots of tracks in the yard, but they weren’t coming down the normal trails…

So we moved the cameras, and in the process discovered why Apollo keeps getting pissed in that direction after dark (sorry for the 2011 dates, apparently I forgot to set the year last time I changed the batteries on one of the cameras):


Can someone please explain to me why this f*cking cat is still around?  He killed the Harris’s Sparrow yesterday, I’m voting for the coyotes….


There are definetly deer around though:


And some big guy with these two dogs keeps walking infront of my cameras….I wonder who he is? 😉


Posted November 10, 2012 By Ruth

Facebook, I want my friends back.

Illiterate kids hack OLPCs in 5 months.

Radar gun results in real gun action.

Bar washes up 2 miles away.

21yr old wants to play highschool football.

Woman sentenced to wear descriptive sign.


Bye Bye Buckyballs.

Rare condition turns muscle to bone.

When can police dogs sniff at your door?


For Tam

Posted November 9, 2012 By Ruth

Those of you who are wandering by from the gun community are certinally already aware that Tam has been diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma.  She’s not asking for help, but being the community that it is everyone is offering.  There’s not much I can add, but see here, and here for some fundraising ideas!

The Harris’s Sparrow came back!!!

Posted November 4, 2012 By Ruth

More birds

Posted November 4, 2012 By Ruth


Now all of the above are common to the area, though I’ve never actually seen the Grosbeaks before, but this last little guy is highly uncommon to the area, he’s a Harris’s Sparrow.  Infact he’s so rare, that when I reported my sighting I got an email asking me to send my pictures so they could verify my ID!