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Posted September 11, 2012 By Ruth

That might solve ONE problem….

Who-ever Jonnica Ellis is she needs to be hunted down and forced to pay what she said she would.’s 7 bizarre ways the world changed after 9/11

Can you say oxymoron??

Do you throw like a girl?


Posted September 10, 2012 By Ruth

Pit bull takes bullet protecting owner.

Guys, if your dog is this fat, you have a problem.

Black Licorice recalled for lead levels.

Thats a guy who understands his employees.

*bangs head against wall*

Posted September 10, 2012 By Ruth


You CHOOSE to join that online community.

You KNEW person X was part of that community when you joined.

You KNEW person X was an integral part of said community, if not WHEN you joined than shortly afterwards.

You KNEW shortly after you joined that you did not get along with person X.

You’ve had a YEAR to either leave the community or fix the personality issue.

The community in question has already been torn to pieces by idiots who don’t understand that “politics” only kills not strengthens.

And yet YOU continue to snipe at person X EVERY CHANCE YOU GET.

And not in a nice way.

And now you’re taking it OUT of said community to places where some of the (few remaining) members also tend to congregate.

Fuck you.

The things you learn

Posted September 7, 2012 By Ruth

when browsing online: blue garlic

Garden & bleg

Posted September 7, 2012 By Ruth

Baby pumpkin 1 didn’t make it, however there are now baby pumpkins 2, 3, 4 and 5…..however I have serious doubts about their long term survival considering we’re already in September…..


Does anyone know anything about purple sweet peppers?  Two of the pepper plants are producing purple peppers.  I’m not positive they’re the SAME kind of purple, the pepper shapes are slightly different.  However searching online it looks like some peppers are ripe at purple and some purple peppers then turn red when fully ripe.  Does anyone have any experience with this?


Posted September 7, 2012 By Ruth

Turn around don’t drown, its the law!

Your tap water could blind you!!!!

Don’t mess with mom.

Thats just cool 😉



Posted September 3, 2012 By Ruth

You know, there’s stupid, and then there’s this.

Perhaps not what you want your kid to tell you after the first day of school.

Your tap water could kill you!

Why didn’t he complain during that 11 year span??


How do you use popsicle sticks to break out of jail??

First Florida Female Highschool Quarterback.


(sorry I’ve not put this up lately, work’s been busy and then my parents visited.  Yes, I survived, so did my mother….)

Is it just me

Posted September 2, 2012 By Ruth

or is the Atomic Nerds down?  I’ve not been able to get it to load in days….


Posted September 2, 2012 By Ruth

I guess its the summer for it.

That is a European Hornet.  When you first see one it looks like a giant mutant yellow jacket.  Thankfully their nest likely isn’t in the yard…..