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Bleg: odd computer issue

Posted June 22, 2012 By Ruth

A couple days ago I noticed that my desktop shortcut for Itunes was broken.  As in, no cute little picture, it was no longer associated with any files, and attempting to delete it resulted in ‘access denied, file in use…’.  Weird.  Reinstalled/repaired Itunes, took the newly created shortcut, which worked, and tossed it into the desktop folder where that set of shortcuts is kept.  Where it promptly broke again.  Wtf?

Uninstalled Itunes, reinstalled Itunes, with reboot inbetween.  Same problem.  Shortcut is fine till I attempt to move it.

Created a couple duplicate shortcuts of random things and attempted to move them into random folders.  Same problem.

Now, I can go into safe mode, change the security settings for those individual files and delete them, but thats annoying.  Oh, and its only shortcuts.  Attempting to move any other file type appears to work just fine.

So I loaded into safe mode, updated and ran Malwarebytes.  Came back clean.  Ok, really weird.

I’m currently attempting a restore to a version from a week ago, but I’m not sure, off the top of my head, when the last Itunes update was, so I’m not sure when exactly I really need to go back to.

I’m running XP sp3.

Does this ring a bell at all?


Edited: Figured out when the last Itunes update went through, since the problem likely occured before that, and pushed the restore back to a week before that.  The restore FIXED the broken Itunes shortcut, but any shortcuts newly moved (after the restore) still break when they’re moved….I hate to go any further back, its almost a month as is.  I guess I need to just consider breaking down and backing up my files and doing a clean install to 7 like I keep saying I’m going to….

Edited again (saturday morning): discovered in the process of doing backups that although it’ll backup the files to the external drive with no issues, some of the odds and ends that are “newer”, zip-files and .exe downloads, apparently also got screwed up by the problem (I downloaded them, installed the program, and tossed the zip into the folder to archive later), though at least a couple OLD .exe (self contained programs with no other files) did not get messed up when I played with them.  So I have to re-download those directly to the external drive.  Husband and I were talking about it, and a couple months ago I DID have trouble with a couple of windows updates that weren’t taking right.  They were security updates, we THOUGHT we’d gotten them to install ok, but maybe not….I haven’t been doing much on the computer lately though, so its possible its been that long….


Posted June 22, 2012 By Ruth

One of the first female military pilots.

 3rd grader strip searched.

Bath without the water.

Those redlight cameras are illegal, NJ.

BoA is at it again.

School won’t allow children to apply sunscreen without doctors note.

Victim selection fail.

Woman suing Little League catcher after getting hit by thrown ball.

Full story here.


So, even though the Diamond recall information sent out only included the USA and Canada, apparently the food was sent out to quite a few other countries as well.  And the USA and Diamond have no interest in publicly announcing what countries either.  They sent the info to the appropriate authorities and its up to them to publicize it in their countries….so a when a blogger in Spain found out about the recall she posted it on her blog in an attempt to spread the word.  She’s now being threatened with a lawsuit for doing so.  Now likely its not actually the parent Diamond company itself doing the suit, but its certainly someone associated with them, if only the local distributor…..this on top of the information that there appears to have been an attempt to cover up the recalled information on some bags sent to Malaysia?  Yah, I don’t think so.


Btw, the human count for those sick with this particular strain of salmonella comes to 22, there are two confirmed canines infected with this strain, where the strain was confirmed by a lab to be the same strain of salmonella.  There’s a huge list of other reported illnesses and deaths in pets, but none have been confirmed by lab, at least yet.

Can I say how gratefull I am for central AC?

Posted June 20, 2012 By Ruth

The sensor is in the sun right now, but still…..

So, when I was trying to fix the previous theme update I discovered a misspelling that resulted in the code not working correctly.

I was more than a little frustrated, since the piece of code in question had been resulting in a problem for several months that I’d not been able to figure out to fix.

Ok, yes it was a minor issue, the blog not appearing the correct width.  Not the end of the world, but frustrating.

So I attempted to contact the theme developer to convey the incorrect spelling in hopes that later updates would have it fixed.  Several days, and one update, later, and I’ve gotten no response.

So, I have occasionally seen someone claiming to be the theme developer responding to questions about the theme on the help forums, so I posted, a rather frustrated “correct spelling is not to much to ask” post.

Apparently I’m wrong.  Correct spelling IS to much to ask.  Infact I’m a horrid person for demanding it.  The fact that the code DOESN’T WORK with the incorrect spellings is irrelevent.  I’m a horrible person and I need to go away now.

Not sure why I expected any other reply, since of the several times I’ve posted there asking for help I GOT help exactly once….

TX grand jury declines to press charges

Posted June 20, 2012 By Ruth

Guess it really is TX after all.

….there’s another update already.  Not installing it yet, I’ll deal with it when I get home from work.



Edited: Hey look, updated and no error messages!!

Ok, its rant night

Posted June 18, 2012 By Ruth

So yah, I wander through a variety of message forums, on a variety of topics.  Some I stick around for alot of time, others I barely touch on.  My last post was inspired by someone on ONE message board.

This one is about a poster on a different message board….some CHILD (I don’t know the actual age of the person), wanting to know if they should neuter their German Shepherd.  Now normally I’m one of these folks who says that not neutering is better for the dog (and I have studies and research to back that up, unlike “common knowledge” which says you’re a HORRIBLE person if you don’t spay/neuter your animal *eye roll*).  However, I want this dog neutered, and maybe found a new home while I’m at it.

See, the dog already got hit by a car once, which is why they are considering neutering (huh??), but

of course he NEVER leaves the property!!!

So….the truck that hit the dog hit him in the driveway? 

Well no, but it was RIGHT in FRONT of the driveway!!! He NEVER leaves the property!!!!

Either the dog was in the road (off the property) or the guy went off the road to hit your dog, you don’t get it both ways. 


So you’ve fenced the yard now so he won’t get hit again right? 

HE NEVER LEAVES THE PROPERTY!!!!  And NO we’re not CAGING HIM, we ALWAYS leave him out when we’re not home!!!!

If you leave him out when you’re not home how do you know he never leaves the property?

Cause he DOESN’T!!!!

Omg.  Its dog owners like this that give the rest of us a bad name.  Bets on how many half GSD puppies there are in nearby?



Reading a comment or message online from someone who insists in typing like they’re texting: “r u sur?” drives me bonkers.  Yes when I’m texting I’ll often spell that way, but that has more to do with the phone keypad than anything else….I don’t care if you’re commenting from your phone, if its going into general circulation where most people AREN’T then spell like an adult!!

What I did with my day

Posted June 17, 2012 By Ruth

No, I didn’t spend ALL day swearing at the programmer who created the theme I use, honest.

Instead we went over to my BIL’s, where the entire family, with dogs, had gathered.  Guess Apollo and Arty had as much fun as we did:


Looks like they wore themselves out!