This is what happens….

….when I forget to bring my own bandaids to the doctors office with me.  You’d think that by this point in my life that would be ingrained…..this is the inside of my right elbow after having blood drawn and a bandaid left on it for about 3 hours:

BTW, the picture doesn’t do it justice, one of my co-workers caught me inspecting it and demanded to know what I’d gotten into that I was allergic too.  All that kinda pink was really BRIGHT RED, and burned like hell too  (I really am that pale though, sorry).  Thankfully the worst of the burning/itching went away after about a half hour or so, so I could pull back down my sleeve, cause our office is fricking COLD.


  1. Ping from BobG:

    The doctors I've been to lately don't use band-aids; they've been using that stretchy sort of tape that only sticks to itself. My wife has a reaction to regular band-aids and this type of tape doesn't bother her.

  2. Ping from Ruth:

    I'll have to remember that. I have a package of bandaids at home that I react LESS too, but no reaction at all would be nice….