I don’t normally wish for winter

Not up here in central NY state, but really, can we have a proper freeze please?  I’m really tired of all the mud…..


  1. Ping from James A. Zachary Jr.:

    Yep, same here in this neck of the woods. We drop below freezing every now and again but no frost is setting into the ground yet. The snow we get does not last long… tonight we have wind and rain. Heck, I still have blooming petunias that survived the cold.

    I take it that Apollo the mud monster is having a good time by you.

  2. Ping from Ruth:

    Thats it exactly, some frost on the ground when I get up a few times, but its gone long before I leave for work, and the ground is still WAY soggy.

    Apollo thinks mud rocks. And he WILL NOT stand still for me to wipe off his paws when he comes into the house……at least not enough to make a real difference!