Syracuse is barely .56 of an inch away from breaking the record for the wettest April.  Now I’m far enough out of Syracuse I cant’ say for sure that those figures are an accurate represenatation of what fell at my house this month, but when you add in the fact that my property is very wet to begin with due to its location it might as well be.  AND we’ve got more “strong to severe” thunderstorms moving through later today.

Really, what is it about trying to break records this year?  First snow, now rain…..farmers can’t plant crops because the fields are so soaked, folks with sheep haven’t been able to shear because the sheep haven’t been able to dry out AND temps are due to hit upper 70’s today…..my yard NEEDS mowing, but I sink past my ankles in mud when I walk on it so I can’t.  Arg!!


  1. Ping from James A. Zachary Jr.:

    I'll bet that Apollo thinks mud is great!

    Uh, just how does one go about cleaning a giant mudpuppy?

  2. Ping from Ruth:

    Apollo is THRILLED….

    I replaced the traditional shower head in the guest bath with a handheld unit with an extra long hose. The hard part is making him stand there while I rinse him off!

  3. Ping from Helene Burnett:

    Please send us some of the rain. We're 10″ behind and crops are stunted and dying in the fields. Our water bill is going through the roof.

  4. Ping from Ruth:

    If I could I would. We dried out enough to mow the worst of it Sunday, but of course its raining again now.