Ok, I know I live in Central NY state, and the nearest major city wins the Golden Snowball on a regular basis.  But enough is enough.  We’re well past the “average” for the season at this point.  Can it please just stop snowing???!!!


  1. Comment by ZerCool:

    Clearly, it cannot. On the bright side, it's supposed to nudge 40 Monday and again later in the week, meaning we're on the verge of the seasonal change from “shovel” to “mud”!

    (I stumbled over from Jay's place; also a central-NYer – southern Fingerlakes to be specific.)

  2. Comment by Ruth:


    Ok true, but overall I much prefer mud over snow!

  3. Comment by Jon:

    I used to commute from Ithaca to Syracuse in that weather. I don't miss it, especially right about now…

  4. Comment by Ruth:

    nasty commute, especially this time of year, you have my sympathy!

  5. Comment by Jon:

    It was still better than the drive from Niagara Falls to downtown Buffalo every day, but that's probably a low bar to set *g*.

  6. Comment by Ruth:

    Ok. Good point!