Posted May 24, 2016 By Ruth

Look, I don’t care if your dog is always in your yard when you check on it, if its not restrained in some manner it is very likely it is leaving your yard at some point through out the day.

I need one of these.

I can’t imagine not being able to picture…..

New Orleans is sinking (not that I’m surprised).

Some of those folk remedies actually work.

I can’t wait till I can add this to my first aid kit.

Quaker Oats…..Quaker Oaks… difference, right?

If your computer gives you a popup about installing Win 10, do NOT just hit the red-X to close the window!

Some of the odd laws you run across… AZ you can’t hold a potluck in a private home!

The opioid epidemic might not actually be.  Course, now that its on the public radar we’ll never be able to back-track either.

If you see something say something.  Cause a camera is scary…..

Beaten for looking too male.

I don’t care what it looks like, if it really works that well on motion sickness, I want one!

The stupidity of the general public.

Why you should always take a close look at those parking tickets before just paying them.

I love this idea, and not just for the animals either, I get really tired of listening to them all summer.

Maybe, just maybe, there’s finally some pushback on the various .GOV organizations using SWAT style raids for everything.

Yet another reason to buy Carhartt!

If you don’t read the Bloggess I highly recommend her.  For reasons 1, 2, 3, 4……

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Healing nicely

Posted May 22, 2016 By Ruth

See here for a description of the incident.


The Nexcare bandages worked awesome.  Except that the 2nd day (Friday) of wearing one, two hours after putting it on, I had to pull it back off because it was causing my arm to itch unbearably.  That day I wore one of the Curad bandages for the remaining couple hours of my shift with no obvious problems.  They might not be technically waterproof, but they did a perfectly fine job at sticking to my skin and keeping things clean.  The 2nd day (Saturday) I wore the Curad bandages however things didn’t go quite as smoothly.  I made it through the 8hr shift with it on, but the above picture is what my arm looked like after pulling it off.  This morning that irritated red area has evolved into rash bumps.


So basically either bandage is fine for short term use, but once again for any situation where I’ll need to keep a wound covered for an extended period of time I’ll have to come up with another solution.  Dammit.

At least I don’t work again till Tuesday, so I can leave it bare for a while and hopefully the rash will be gone by then…..

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Planted tomatoes

Posted May 20, 2016 By Ruth

I started planting out my insane tomato seedlings today.


These are the Black Icicle Tomatoes.  They look leggy, but the stalks are nice and thick, they almost don’t need support.  And none of the other seedlings look leggy.  Just how tall are these going to get??



White CHerry Tomatoes



Blue Berries Tomatoes

I’ll plant out the Black Plums this weekend hopefully, I gotta construct more cages first.



German Butterball Potatoes are doing nicely



Notice the one big carrot on the right?  Thats the one that survived the winter



Lettuce, and onions (oops, and radishes, how did I forget the radishes??)



Sugar Snap Peas

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Did you know drill bits are sharp?

Posted May 19, 2016 By Ruth

I KNEW, but somehow I’d never put that into context with human skin.


Yesterday I was attempting to drill out the holes for the hose hookup and over-flows in my new rain barrels.  Discovered that the 3/4″ bit was just a bit too small, and the 7/8″ bit was just a bit too big.  But in the process had a bit of a error……

In the process of drilling I had apparently not tightened the drill down to hold the 7/8″ bit properly and when I went to pull it out of the hole, I apparently did so at a slight angle, and the bit got stuck in the hole and came free from the drill.

Muttering rude words at myself I braced myself with my right hand and yanked the drill bit with my left.

I spare you a picture of the un-bandaged cut, but I promise no stitches were required, luckily.



Basically I managed to take off a nice layer of skin for close to three inches down the inside of my lower arm.  Missed, or didn’t go deep enough to hit, everything important there.  And yes, I’m up to date on my tetanus shot.

Washed it out, slathered on antibiotic cream, and Band-aids (yes, brand name ones, I have horrid reactions to the adhesives commonly used in such and the brand name ones are usually marginally less likely to cause me to break out in a rash).  And remembered that I was scheduled to work a full shift at work on Thursday (today as I’m typing).

See, big box stores like the one I work for try really really hard to be as clean as physically possible, but in reality are actually really dirty places.  ESPECIALLY when you have saws of all sorts running, and carry dirt and chemicals and all sorts of other things for sale.  Never mind the occasional bird in the rafters.  Which, btw, means bird shit on (and occasionally in) boxes.  Trying to keep everything spotless in a situation like that would require a literal army of cleaners who were willing to climb into the stacks, 20ft up, and wipe down everything almost daily.

Its hard enough trying to keep your average papercut from getting infected in that sort of environment.  Something like this?  Crap.  Digging through the first-aid kit I discovered a rather major failing.  I have regular Band-aids in all sorts of sizes and shapes.  I have telfa pads, gauze, medical tape, and vet wrap.  But I didn’t have any big bandages of an appropriate size to cover this sort of scratch without having to wrap my whole arm.  And since I’d rather NOT go into work looking like an attempted-suicide survivor the whole gauze and vet-wrap option wasn’t my first choice.

So I got in the car and drove to the local pharmacy to look at bandaging options.  Discovered that “x-large” does NOT mean the same thing from brand to brand.  While the over-all bandage sizes were all within 1/2″ of each other, the actual portion that covers the injury varies by AT LEAST that much in size.  My little scratch there was long enough that I had to pick and choose to find something that’d cover it all the way.  The Band-aid brand ones weren’t going to work.  Crap.

Nexcare’s waterproof bandages in xlarge were big enough, and sealed all the way around so that hopefully I’ll be less likely to get grime into it.



And maybe, just maybe, I won’t have to explain to everyone that, no, actually, I wasn’t trying to commit suicide with a drill bit…..

But just in case I also bought a box of Curad’s Performance Series xlarge bandages in “assorted colors”.  Maybe a bright purple bandage will freak people out less.


*all products mentioned in this post were bought by me for me

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To continue the griping about work

Posted May 16, 2016 By Ruth

Profanity warning…..

I mentioned, a few posts back, that the woman who is now managing the department might not be the right person for the job.

Yah, about that….

Last week we had a sale on two brands of mulch that ended on Wednesday (May 11th).  In addition the week was predicted to be absolutely lovely, weather wise.

Either of those factors makes for a busy as hell day.  The two of them combined meant for a fucking busy week.  And it was predictable that it would be like that.  They were predicting that weather for the entire 10day forecast ahead of time, and that sale on mulch had been ongoing for over a week prior.

Every single, experienced, person in the department looked at that and was groaning (or swearing) in anticipation of how busy we were going to be.

Except, apparently, the department head.

Last week was also the week that the store was scheduled to have the floors polished.  Why now and not mid-winter I don’t know (well, I DO, but yah….).  This means that there are people in the store from the time it closes to the time it opens.  And typically, when this sort of thing happens several departments will pull one or two people (the department head and maybe an additional person) off of their scheduled shift and have them work “overnights” to get stuff done that is hard to do while there are customers in the store.  As long as it’s not a busy week this isn’t the end of the world.

Last week was not a good week to pull someone off schedule to do overnights.  It was a really BAD week to pull TWO people off schedule to do overnights.

She did it anyway.  Resulting in the rest of the department getting fucking pissed.

We were swamped all week, even after the mulch sale ended, just due to the lovely weather.  Having had that additional one or two people, AS SCHEDULED, would have made a significant difference in our ability to cope.  Even though one of them was one of the useless new guys, I could have at least sent him out to help people with mulch and help with the heavy stuff freeing up someone else to help customers inside the building.

Tuesday was such a fucking mess that I ended up in frustrated tears infront of a customer, who was pretty damn horrified at the mess he walked into even before that.  And the rest of the week wasn’t any better.  The one more useful newbie ended up BY HIMSELF in the department for 2.5hours on Monday because of it.

I KNOW we had customers leave pissed off.  I KNOW we had customers who were mad cause they waited for 15-30 minutes for an associate to get free to help them.

I’m HOPING that they used the receipt survey to express that.

Cause not only did the department head make the decision to pull herself and one of the useless newbies off the schedule to do overnights (why him I have no idea, useless is the keyword here, I saw just how much work he was doing the night I closed last week), but then the assistant manager approved it as did the store manager.  I SUSPECT that what they did was take her word for the fact that there was plenty of coverage and didn’t check it themselves.

Tuesdays the store manager has an “open office” day.  Where us employees are supposed to feel free to approach her about problems.

I don’t normally take advantage of such.  I’d MUCH rather deal with issues on a much lower level TYVM.

Tomorrow I’ll be taking up that offer to have a chat.  Cause last week was fucking ridiculous.  And it didn’t have to be.

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Its an education problem

Posted May 12, 2016 By Ruth

And it has nothing to do with how intellectual the job is that the woman is doing, though I know my mom (who has a masters in engineering and worked for GE for a while) has stories to match Roberta’s.  As she points out, there have been women doing “all that” since before it was popular.  Your average housewife with reasonable cooking skills runs power equipment daily and uses tools that could kill you multiple times a day.

I’ve had male customers (generally they’re at least twice my age with a thick accent, though not always) literally refuse my help because I’m female.  They’ll demand I get a guy.  When I tell them I’m the only one in the department right now they’ll storm away in a huff.  It’s always funny when they’ll find some male employee in another department and drag him over only to have the male employee refer them back to me.

I’ve had customers (always male) get quite snide when they see me driving the electric order picker (the power equipment that lifts the operator high enough to pull stock off of the top racks) or reach trucks (basically a small electric forklift).  I’m sure the comments will become more interesting since I’m about a week short of getting my license for the big propane forklift.  Apparently a “little girl” like me isn’t supposed to be using equipment like that.  Some percentage of the comments may be meant admiringly, but that doesn’t keep them from being annoying when I’m concentrating on keeping the big-ass-end of the order picker from taking them off at the knees (something it very well COULD do).  I’ll note that my male co-workers don’t have this issue.  More than half the women in the store have one or more of their licenses.


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Posted May 9, 2016 By Ruth

More proof that schools are a large portion of the problem.

CT on its way to criminalize sex.

Steele Auto Group apparently doesn’t understand satire, or the Streisand effect.

NSFW, but I really want this as my ringtone…..

I don’t care what your opinion of GMOs is, when that small a number of companies holds that large a share of the market, there’s a problem.

More proof that our education system is in dire straits.

Cause injured cats are scary, don’t you know?

DUH!  Why is this a surprise?

A reason to avoid Apple’s Music Subscription/cloud storage.

Countdown to Immodium ending up behind the pharmacy counter and being regulated by the .GOV in 3….2….

There’s so little difference between brands…..

Food Freedom Legislation.

DCMA and medical implants.

Ever wanted to own your own pet supply store?  Here’s an opportunity.

A sweet new design on window AC units.

An interesting look at what really prevents mosquito bites.

Don’t’cha know?  Trees are RACIST!

I’ll agree that there’s a problem, but this isn’t going to fix it…..

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Summer bird feeders

Posted May 5, 2016 By Ruth

I was chatting with a coworker at work about bird feeders, several weeks ago, and she commented that it was about time to pull them in for the summer.  She couldn’t decide if she was horrified that I left feeders out all summer, or horrified at the birds she was missing out on….

This week we had our first of the year Baltimore Oriole



And our first of the year Rose Breasted Grosbeak



And infact, before I left for work this morning there were three male Grosbeaks at the feeder, and I just missed a photo of a male Ruby Throated Hummingbird at the hummer feeder!

I do cut back on how much seed I put out.  In the winter I do a Black Oil Sunflower seed feeder (holds about 5lbs of seed), a mixed seed feeder (home made mix, again about 5 lbs of seeds), a nijer feeder and a suet feeder (real suet, not the store bought bird suet blocks).  In the summer I cut back to just the sunflower seeds, and keep the nijer feeder only till birds stop emptying it (though one year I had a Downy Woodpecker who claimed the thing), plus at least two hummer feeders, and I load the suet cage with orange halves (as pictured above).

Speaking of Downy Woodpeckers, not only have I had them claim the nijer feeder, but they’ll eat fruit (like the Oriole’s oranges), AND drink from the hummingbird feeders!

(oh, and yes I took the photo of the Grosbeak into work today on my cellphone to show off to my co-worker!)

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Posted May 3, 2016 By Ruth

I keep forgetting to post this.  Apollo found  this fellow for me a couple weeks ago.  I have been assured that it really is a garter snake despite the lack of stripes.  Not sure I’ve seen one this strikingly marked before.


IMGB1737 IMGB1740

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Posted May 1, 2016 By Ruth



For now at least I’ve removed a shelf and just lowered the level the plants are sitting on.  Hopefully the space will work out since we’re not THAT much short of average last frost and the weather is looking like it might be warming up.

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